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Cosmos ZERO: A Cosmos Ecosystem Carbon Neutral Quest

Protocols and validators are invited on a climate impact quest to make Cosmos a carbon-neutral blockchain ecosystem

Cosmos ZERO in action

Join the ranks of Cosmos validators like Chorus One, Stakin, Stakely, and chains who have already completed the Cosmos ZERO quest! View the proposals passed by the IXO, Osmosis, Cheqd, and Stargaze communities earlier this year.

Join the quest

The Cosmos ZERO initiative invites Cosmos protocol and validator communities on a mission to activate their governance community and offset their carbon footprint to achieve carbon zero via their community spend pool. Additionally, it encourages protocols to maintain carbon-neutral by committing to re-evaluating and offsetting their carbon footprint over time.

LEVEL 1 — Calculate your protocol or validator operations carbon footprint


Get started on your carbon-neutral journey by finding out what your protocol’s carbon footprint is. You can find pre-calculated Cosmos Protocol Carbon Footprint Estimates here! These estimates, developed by Regen Network validators, are calculated using worst-case scenario validator footprint estimates and multiplying them by the protocol’s validator set.


Calculate your validator’s footprint by using the open-source Carbon Footprint Calculator developed by Regen Network Development and published open-source by BICOWG. Or, use the default assumption of Cosmos ZERO, a maximum of 25 tons/year validator carbon footprint.

LEVEL 2 — Submit a carbon-neutral governance proposal

Note: If you are offsetting a validator carbon footprint, advance to level 3.

LEVEL 3 — Offset your protocol or validator node’s carbon footprint

If you are offsetting at a protocol-level, once the governance proposal has passed you are now ready to purchase ecocredits and offset your carbon footprint via credit retirement. See our Cosmos ZERO guide for our recommended ecocredit portfolio.

LEVEL 4 — You are carbon neutral! Claim your badge

Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed the Cosmos ZERO quest! 🎉

  • Cosmos ZERO press release template
  • Social media announcement templates



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