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Empowering Communities Through the Ecocredit Module

Ecuador is at the forefront of powerful work that the Regen Network team has been piloting

Empowering communities through the ecocredit module

Innovating Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification

One of Regen Network’s original pilot projects was with a second-level farmer cooperative called UOPROCAE. Roughly four years ago, Regen Network worked alongside Terra Genesis International and UOPROCAE to develop regenerative cacao production systems. This project paused because Regen Network shifted its focus towards carbon credits and away from holistic land certification.

Researching alternatives to fight the corruption at the core of land trafficking

Land trafficking is a practice that involves the illegal appropriation, commerce, and seizure of lands. Unfortunately, land trafficking has a checkered history in relation to carbon trading, and in the past land has been appropriated to form the basis of carbon credits. These activities exist on different scales and can be highly lucrative. Corruption plays a vital role in facilitating this trade. Although local communities are aware of the problems related to land trafficking, their ability to control it is greatly impeded by social factors and the dangers of confronting organized criminals. Land trafficking is seldom studied, but has tremendous environmental and social implications and must be addressed to face biodiversity loss related to migration to forest frontiers.



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