GreenNFT Regen Submission Winners

All participants will be receiving a prize with the top 3 earning the majority of the 10,000 USD prize money

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Jun 4 · 2 min read

We are happy to announce the winners of the Gitcoin GreenNFT Regen submissions! We had some fantastic submissions and so in the spirit of community, we awarded everyone a prize with the top 3 participants earning the majority of the 10,000 dollar prize money. The top 3 winners for this hackathon are mikehroth, paplco and jennifertrin!

Congratulations mikehroth on winning the 4000 dollar prize!

Our first-place winner, mikehroth, presented “a proposal that outlines the potential integration of the FungyProof application and API with Regen Network for the purpose of enabling end-users to purchase carbon offsets for their NFTs”. We found this proposal highly innovative because it utilizes three different technologies, including gravity bridge, and flawlessly incorporated Regen Network into the FungyProof badging system. To read about this proposal visit their github!

Congratulations paplco on winning the 3000 dollar prize!

Second place goes to paplco with a proposal which, “provides three approaches to using Regen technology, combined with NFT technology, to create an integrated system, which incentivizes the use of tokenized carbon credits to support meaningful and impactful ecological stewardship, and planetary regeneration.” We appreciate the well thought out approaches and were particularly impressed with the concept of wrapping NFTs as a unique type of carbon credit system. You can read about the three different approaches in their github.

Congratulations jennifertrin on winning the 2000 dollar prize!

The third-place prize goes to jennifertrin who presented us with “a proposal which outlines how the Regen Network can incentivize miners for data transparency and sustainable practices, and as a result, help NFT creators make more informed decisions on blockchains that they utilize.” This data collection system for NFT creators uses the Regen platform for carbon credits which did not specifically go into the application of NFTs using the Regen Network, but does target an underlying layer. We are excited to see how this proposal is implemented! Visit the github associated with this proposal to learn more.

We would like to congratulate all of the participants in the hackathon for designing outstanding proposals for GreenNFT. As a token of our appreciation, we have awarded each remaining participant with 250 USD. Choosing the top 3 winners was difficult, and even though the remaining participants did not receive the top awards, we highly encourage them to continue participating in our future events! Let’s grow Regen Network together!

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