Launching Our First Incentivized Test Net


Will Szal
Will Szal
Jul 23 · 4 min read

The key to building a robust, secure and useful decentralized network is the community of validators. Validators are the core of the ecosystem of businesses, service providers and users that Regen Network is inviting to participate in leveraging web 3.0 technology including blockchain, to build a new regenerative economy. Validators: we salute you!

The Choco bioregion inspired our codename for this testnet: Choco

We’re excited to announce our first incentivized testnet!

We hereby invite you all to participate in our incentivized testnet to earn Regen (XRN) tokens in exchange for the hard work of bootstrapping the Regen Ledger blockchain.

Over at Regen Network we’ve been had a testnet up and running for over a month. Now it’s time to take it to a new level. Together we will be testing functionality that is being requested upstream on the Cosmos Hub, and we will be working in partnership with ICF and Tendermint to synchronize our incentivized testnets with the larger ecosystem of development.

We’ve taken inspiration from Cosmos/ Interchain’s Game of Stakes and IRISnet’s Fuxi Testnet. A big thanks to Chris Remus from Chainflow, Jack Zampolin from Cosmos, and Joe, Brian Fabian Crane, and the whole Chorus One team for all their support in helping us think through the details of launching a well-designed incentivized testnet.

The following post will walk you through the steps necessary to participate.

Participation Roadmap

Regen Testnet 1001 will go through it’s first governance process starting Monday, July 29th. If you want to qualify for the maximum points in our first incentivized test net you should certainly participate in all network upgrades.

There will be a second upgrade (implementing key management functionality) which is will occur in August (as soon as code is tested).

We will work to continue a cadence of voting and monthly upgrades until main-net launch, which is projected in Q-4 of 2019.

Communication Venues

Just like the social coordination of any PoS network, it is incumbent on a validator participating to be tuned into the social coordination and governance process. Most of the points are being assigned to successful participation in network upgrades and governance on the testnet.

Where do you tune into the community? Our Dev Telegram Channel has 100% of the information needed:

There is a Private Telegram Group dedicated to our testnet validators that you can find by joining Regen Network’s Public Telegram Group and asking an admin.

We will also push activity to twitter, but this should not be your method for monitoring Regen Testnet activity.


Our team has been hard at work generating what we hope is clear documentation. If you have questions please ask in our Telegram Channel and we will invite you to the private validator chat. Also, we will be publishing additional compensation programs for providing documentation and building other tools for the ecosystem we are growing beyond testnet participation, so dig in and make anything better that you think could use improvement!

Compensation Point System

We’ve designed a point system that will be used for our first incentivized testnet, then reviewed and upgraded for subsequent testnets. We are allocating 1,000,000 XRN tokens for Validators, and we will calculate the dispersal of these funds according to the points earned by our Validator Pool.

Legal: KYC/AML

Our blockchain, and testnet are both permissionless, however in order to participate in our incentive program we require KYC/AML process in order to be compliant. We have options for participants in most countries to participate (Sorry to those countries that currently have economic actions form the US, or anti-money laundering blocks). All you have to do is go through a simple process to see if you qualify. US validators are welcome!

Shortcut to Non-US Validator KYC

Shortcut to US Validator KYC

What are we testing?

In Regen Testnet 1001 we will be testing two major functionalities: a chain upgrade module:

  • We identified that migrations on the root multistore need to be performed before the ABCI app starts and opened a pull request to address this
  • We are also working on in-place migrations for the the v0.36.0 genesis migration scripts
  • A Cosmos key management module—join the official cosmos key management working group telegram chat.


We will be publishing a more detailed roadmap by the end of August, 2019.

In the meantime here are a few key milestones:

  • Mainnet Launch Q4 2019
  • Incentivized Regen Testnet 1001 with two planned upgrades starting July 29th and concluding before end of August 2019

Regen Network

A blockchain network of ecological knowledge changing the economics of regenerative agriculture to reverse global warming. Learn more:

Thanks to Gregory Landua

Will Szal

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Will Szal

Regenerative agriculture, alternative economics, gift culture, friendship.

Regen Network

A blockchain network of ecological knowledge changing the economics of regenerative agriculture to reverse global warming. Learn more:

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