Moss adds tokenized carbon credits to Regen Registry

Regen Network Development Inc. expands partnership with Moss

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Banner text: Moss adds tokenized carbon credits to Regen Registry

2 August 2022 — Today Regen Network Development Inc. (RND, Inc.) announces a strategic partnership supporting Moss in developing and issuing their tokenized carbon credits on Regen Network. Through this partnership, Moss will use Regen Network’s secure and sovereign blockchain to issue, track, and retire carbon credits. Moss will develop a methodology for peer review, and issue and administer credits that are generated by projects linked to preserving the Amazon rainforest.

The Moss development will explore three major areas: methodology, project verification, and digital MRV. Moss will adapt methodologies for avoided unplanned deforestation and develop accompanying MRV tooling for implementation of credit projects. Moss will author a credit class for their Decentralized Carbon System (DCS) Protocol, and establish Credit Class Administrators and Credit Issuers to perform the service of credit issuance on Regen Registry. Regen Network will provide technical support and methodology development for these activities.

This expands RND, Inc. and Moss’ existing partnership. In February 2022, RND, Inc., Moss, and Toucan launched the Nature Carbon Ton standard to bring high-quality nature-based carbon credits to blockchain markets in order to address climate change at scale. NCT will soon be available as a fungible, Inter-Blockchain Communication-compatible carbon basket backed by nature-based carbon credits that have verifiable ecological, social, and economic benefits issued onto the Regen Ledger blockchain.

Moss’ CTO Renan Kruger says, “It is important for organizations like Moss and Regen Network to work together to bring the best assets to the ReFi ecosystem. We are excited to collaborate with Regen Network to bring more innovative and web3-native solutions to the carbon credit space.”

RND, Inc’s CEO Gregory Landua says, “Moss is a well-respected and transformative platform, and we’re incredibly excited to work with them to issue tokenized credits. Moss’ role in the market, as a platform being built in Brazil, by Brazilians, is an important element to transforming the carbon market dynamics to be centered on bringing more value to the countries that originate the credits in the voluntary carbon marketplace. We’re confident that this partnership will create new opportunities for cooperation across blockchain ecosystems in the future.”

About Moss:
Based in Brazil, Moss is a one-stop shop for carbon transactions: a project developer and a platform that provides carbon credit offset transactions to individuals and companies of any size. Their carbon credits, tokens, and flows are audited and certified by the world’s largest companies, including Armanino, Perkins Coie, and Python. More than 300 companies use Moss’ custom solutions for offsetting.
Connect with Moss.Earth: Website, Discord, Twitter, Instagram.

About Regen Network:
Regen Network is a public proof-of-stake blockchain custom-built for global carbon accounting on the CosmosSDK. Regen Network’s infrastructure originates high-quality nature-based digital carbon in the Interchain economy, unlocking web3 regenerative finance and catalyzing solutions to the climate crisis.
Connect with Regen Network: Website, Discord, Twitter, Medium.

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