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November 15th: Close of Phase I Private Token Sale

Learn the details and become part of Regen Network’s private token sale before pricing goes up.

A lot has been happening at Regen Network!

On November 15th we’ll be closing Phase I of our private token sale, after which token prices will increase.

What are our investors saying about why tokens are their preferred investment vehicle?

  1. Staked tokens will receive block rewards (you get more tokens)
  2. Short-term liquidity: after mainnet launch and unlock, there will likely be third-party markets available to buy and sell your tokens
  3. Potential for appreciation—similar Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cosmos, the Regen token ecosystem expands in supply slowly. If token use grows more quickly then supply, prices go up.

For more details on the nature of our token, see our economics paper.

How are tokens priced in the current Phase I sale?

  • 3-year unlock: 21¢
  • 2-year unlock: 35¢
  • 1-year unlock: 49¢

How many tokens are left in Phase I of the sale?

A little less than 7 million (we’ve sold a little more than 5 million so far).

How will tokens be priced in the subsequent Phase II sale?

  • 3-year unlock: 35¢
  • 2-year unlock: 49¢
  • 1-year unlock: 63¢

How will tokens be priced in a public sale?

  • 70¢

How will the public sale be structured?

Sometime next year we plan on making a Reg CF offering (or other compliant public sale), which would allow us to raise a little more than $1 million from non-accredited investors in the United States.

Who is eligible to participate in the private token sale?

Accredited US investors via our Reg D sale; international investors varying on your country’s requirements for investors in an unregistered security via our Reg S sale. We have a minimum investment size of $5,000 equivalent, as there is a significant due diligence process in each jurisdiction. There is a maximum investment size of $1mm per investor (to establish a decentralized stake distribution).

Is KYC required?

Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering are required, as with any compliant sale.

With what currency can I participate in the sale?


After I complete the investor’s information when should I make the transfer?

After completing our interest form via our site, you will hear back from our team requesting the requisite KYC/AML info. If you’re approved you will be asked to review and sign our Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) and Private Placement Memorandum (PPM). After that you will be able to transfer funds and your specific token allocation will be reserved.

When/how will I receive my tokens after I make my deposit?

You will receive locked tokens at mainnet (scheduled for Q1 2020)—meaning you can stake tokens an receive block rewards, but transfers will not yet be enabled. Per US securities law, tokens will remained locked until at least a year after signing the SAFT. If you choose a 1-year lockup, you will then have full rights to your tokens, including transfers, from that point forward. If you opt for a longer unlock, the date at which transfers will be enabled depends on the terms of that agreement.

What is the legal entity associated with the private token sale?

Per the recommendation of our legal counsel, tokens are being sold through our US C-Corp—Regen Network Development, Inc. (RND).

How are you using the proceeds from this sale?

  • Development of our domain-specific ecological ledger—Regen Ledger
  • Development of our remote-sensing algorithms—Ecological State Protocols
  • We plan to donate up to a third of proceeds to RND’s sister entity, Regen Foundation, to support with the development of a distributed governance community of land stewards, validators, scientists, and other stakeholders.

What methods of treasury management do you use?

We hold the vast majority of our proceeds in cash and a small minority in crypto so that we’re not overly exposed to market crashes.

Other questions?

Feel free to reach out to us on Telegram.

Ready to participate in the private token sale?



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