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Q1 Development Update

What an incredible year of growth 2018 was. The idea for Regen Network sprouted long ago: a simple solution to an incredibly complex problem (systematically regenerating degraded lands and rewarding those doing the work) made possible now by the emergence and convergence of technology. We know the problem with global climate change isn’t that people don’t care; the real problem is that there was no way to easily track, validate, and invest in meaningful change on this planet. After years of internal collaboration on this project solution, we shared Regen Network with the world and found great support at all turns.

2018 Highlights

Our recently-launched website for Regen Foundation is live!

We launched the Regen Network and Regen Foundation websites, spread this awesome video, spoke at events around the world, ran a webinar, and spent time in the field speaking with farmers to hear what they seek in land management apps.

The Regen Network finds time to workshop, co-work, and collaborate with regenerative thinkers in all kinds of settings — living rooms being a particular favorite!

We built our team, brought in the 10 founding members of the Regen Consortium, created partnerships with 20+ innovative organizations, and convened workshops with regenerative players.

Our fearless CTO Aaron alongside our net network validators!

We built the alpha version user interface of our land steward app, began designing pilot projects with partners like Rainforest Foundation and Fibershed, discovered new ESPs to streamline environmental impact, and launched our first Regen Ledger test net using the Cosmos SDK.

What’s To Come in 2019

First built in October 2018, we continue to polish and improve our first iteration land steward app. We are also creating interfaces that will allow developers to build applications and protocols on top of Regen Ledger.

Our public-permissioned blockchain is being built with the Cosmos SDK which utilizes the Tendermint consensus engine. Our team will steward the creation of a shared set of API’s, by leading collaboration in open working groups. Regen Network launched our second testnet and we plan to have our minimum viable blockchain up, running, and being used in pilot projects in the second quarter of 2019.

In other exciting news on the blockchain side: Cosmos is targeting a mainnet launch of Cosmos Hub any day now — and we can’t wait to experience it! We chose Cosmos because it’s scalable, modular, and interoperable with leading blockchains like Ethereum. We are continually wow’ed by Cosmos SDK and are excited about the possibilities that will unveil with Cosmos Hub.

ESP’s are pieces of code or algorithms that take in raw data and produce reporting output that are used to assess the impact of ecological actions. We are currently building the first protocols, and look forward to testing them in pilot projects and creating the space for anyone to build their own protocols on top of Regen Ledger.

In the first quarter of 2019 we plan to launch two to three pilot projects which will run throughout the year, including…

  • Regenerative Cacao — working with a handful of forward thinking cacao brands, and a regenerative cacao cooperative in Ecuador, we will track, verify, and help craft agreements for regenerative premiums on this cacao based on verified ecological outcomes.
  • Fibershed — Working with fiber producers in the state of California and clothing we are working to prove the incredible environmental benefit of rotational (including the reduction of fuel loads in the Wildland-Urban interface) and crafting purchasing agreements for a premium based on these outcomes.

…with many more in the works. Stay tuned!

We will continue building a decentralized governance body, consisting of global and regional stakeholders, to govern Regen Network. This ensures representative and fair governance of the commons. We plan to work with the consortium members to help them understand the roles and responsibilities of upholding a robust governance system and will be opening up to additional consortium members partway through the year.

At this stage, the ideal partners for us are those brands and organizations that would like to track and verify the ecological impact on specific plots of land with the intention of creating outcomes based agreements with those land managers, and communicating to the public the impact on the ground. We are building the technology to make each of these aims easy and attractive to use and interact with.

As we start to bring in our first revenue generating contracts and build out our technology, we are working our way toward an equity offering down the road. At the current moment, it would be extremely helpful to us to find a handful of funders that would be willing to extend financing to us to help us retain our ideal team as we build out our pilots and fulfill our first contracts. Please contact if you would like to work with us in this way.

We still have our private token sale open and are excited to engage with crypto investors. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit the Regen Network Investor page.

Find Us at ExpoWest!

Christian, Gregory, and Ron will be in California at ExpoWest March 5–9. We’re joining 2 of our fantastic pilot project partners, Sol Simple and Imlak’esh Organics, for happy hours that we would love to see you at.

Let us know you’re attending by RSVP’ing on Facebook! (click to RSVP)

Sol Simple x Regen Network: These dynamic teams are joining forces to verify ecological changes from agricultural land management, and agreements based on such outcomes. Learn more, enjoy cocktails created with Sol Simple fruit purees and Nicaraguan rum, and get to know the companies at this ExpoWest Happy Hour.

DATE: Thursday, March 7, 2019
TIME: 5:00–6:00 PM
WHERE: Sol Simple Booth, #N2312 at
Natural Products Expo

Imlak’esh x Regen Network - Regenerative Cacao to the Market with Imlak’esh and Regen Network: Join us for a sampling of cacao drinks created with regeneratively grown cacao from Ecuador while learning about this cooperative as one of Regen Network’s first pilot projects.

DATE: Friday, March 8, 2019
TIME: 4:00–5:00 PM
WHERE: Imlak’esh Booth, #8021 (3rd floor) at
Natural Products Expo


We endlessly thank you for your continued support and following along of Regen Network.
- Team Regen

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Regen Network aligns economics with ecology to drive regenerative land management. Learn more: This blog is published by RND PBC, the development company building Regen Network

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