REGEN Airdrop Incoming (The Airdrop has Concluded)

Now is your chance to receive $REGEN through our airdrop!


Register for KYC between 0000 UTC June 20 2021 and 2359 UTC on June 22 2021

The airdrop is no longer active and link has been removed

Stake a minimum of 1 ATOM and a maximum of 10k ATOM to receive the airdrop — 0.08 REGEN = 1 ATOM staked

Thanks to the successful passage of governance proposal #1, transfers are now enabled on Regen Network and we are excited to share our staking token with the broader Cosmos community! Now is your chance to receive $REGEN through our airdrop! With REGEN, you can begin staking and participate in Regen Network governance. After price discovery — led by some of our community members on Osmosis — you’ll also be able to farm additional tokens by locking liquidity on Gravity DEX and Osmosis! A total of three million REGEN will be distributed to staked ATOM holders, with this airdrop of 500,000 REGEN being distributed as the first event.

In order to participate in the airdrop and receive your share of the airdrop, please follow our KYC procedure by visiting the synapse portal during the sign-up period. The airdrop sign-up will happen during a three-day window starting at 0000 UTC June 20 2021 and ending at 2359 UTC on June 22 2021. After the KYC window closes, we will continue with our airdrop until the 500,000 REGEN tokens have been distributed. Do not wait until the last minute to sign up as the tokens will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Fair Distribution of $REGEN for $ATOM holders

In addition to submitting KYC documents, participants will need to have ATOM staked in their Cosmos wallet which they will demonstrate during sign-up. Our drop will occur linearly at a ratio of 0.08 REGEN per 1 ATOM staked at the time of signup. This means the more ATOM staked the more REGEN you will potentially be awarded. The max amount of ATOMs that will be considered for receipt of REGEN is 10,000 ATOMS. For addresses with more than 10,000 atoms staked the max regen airdrop you will receive is 800. We are more than excited to be able to share the REGEN token with the broader cosmos community and anticipate a significant turnout for the airdrop. First come, first serve! Make sure and have your ATOM tokens staked before filling out the KYC information to ensure a maximum airdrop!

People who have completed KYC will also be whitelisted to receive yield farming rewards for liquidity provision. This means you can either stake the $REGEN you are airdropped on Regen Ledger to earn staking rewards (currently estimated at just over 30% APY) or you can become an LP on Osmosis and/or Gravity DEX and receive yield farming rewards. We will be announcing details of yield farming opportunities at a later date.

We have chosen to run both an early airdrop as well as a yield farming program to maximize fair distribution to engaged community members. When we first allocated tokens for an ATOM holder airdrop there was no yield farming nor DEX infrastructure. Now that Gravity DEX and Osmosis DEX are ready to launch, we are excited to leverage this opportunity for a fair and mutually beneficial token distribution program.

Decentralized liquidity is essential for the success of a public network. Join us to bootstrap the world’s first public ecological ledger, and help regenerate the planet while earning staking or LP rewards for securing the network!



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Regen Network

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