Regen Collective: Community Built for Planetary Regeneration

Have a Stake in the Future of DeFi for Planetary Regeneration

‘The Future Is Bright’ by Jessica Woulfe

Our users work very hard to support the community by answering questions, creating memes, writing blogs, posting to Twitter, and beyond. To us, each action goes towards sharing our message of planetary regeneration. We value each one of those efforts, and the contributions to the community have not been overlooked.

As a community-oriented blockchain project, our goal is to reward attempts at building a stronger community by incentivizing efforts by community members and motivating new members to also contribute. Together, we can make the Regen Network community stand out and grow to new heights!

Introducing Regen Collective 🌳

Along with rewarding users for creating content on Discord and/or Telegram and engaging with the community, our incentives program includes access to contests, special airdrops, and bug bounties for users who qualify for the program.

How to Get Started!

Becoming a Regenerate 👩🏽‍🌾

Qualifying for the incentives is easy and as with the recent airdrop for $ATOM holders, we will be utilizing the KYC portal for all users. This means that if you would like to participate in the contests, REGEN airdrops, and incentivized activities (coming soon), you will need to be KYC’d.

After passing KYC you will need to fill out our membership form. After being accepted, these initial steps gain you access to the private channels associated with the program, granting you the role of Regenerate and gives you access to our Incentives program!

Each application is screened manually so please allow some time for our Community Manager to review your membership application.

Get started by filling out our membership form!

Program Structure

The Community Incentives Program will primarily reside on our Discord channel and consist of a special role that gives users access to private channels on our server. These private channels will be the go-to place for contests, airdrops, and tracking activities.

The collective is just starting out and in the early stages of deployment and will primarily focus on contests and airdrops for the time being. However, as the collective grows and feedback is shared by the community we will incentivize activities within the community, some of which are listed below.

Incentivized Activities:

  • Discord/Telegram Moderation
  • Creating Memes
  • Writing Blogs
  • Video Creation
  • Tweeting
  • Local Events
  • User Support
  • General Chatting
  • User Support
  • Hylo Posts
  • Bug Reports
  • Hackathons
  • Bounties

Contests, Airdrops, and Bounties — oh my!

Anyone that has entered our Community Incentives Program is eligible to participate in our contests and airdrops. For example, periodically we will perform contests such as most engaged tweets or most invites to the server, and we will have bounty programs and perform airdrops from time to time.

We’re so excited that you’re here, furthering our shared vision of a more sustainable DeFi ecosystem and a regenerative future for our planet! If you have any questions, reach out to us directly here on our Discord or Telegram channel.

Woohoo! You are that much closer to becoming an integral part of the Regen Network community!




Regen Network aligns economics with ecology to drive regenerative land management. Learn more: This blog is published by RND inc, the development company building Regen Network

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Regen Network

Regen Network

A blockchain network of ecological knowledge changing the economics of regenerative agriculture to reverse global warming.

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