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To regenerate Earth, action needs to be taken. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be onboarded into the regenerative finance marketplace. An open-submission grants program for our community of scientists, developers, land stewards, indigenous peoples, and web3 community members to build upon is the root of helping to decentralize and assist in the stewardship of our network.

For context within our Regen Network ecosystem…

Regen Foundation, launched earlier this year, supports this mission of ensuring all of these important stakeholders are at the table. Regen Network Development, Inc (RND) was established to build a robust platform by way of Regen Registry and Regen Ledger where the exchange of value, resources, skills form the foundation for this community’s carbon accounting and restoration work.

At RND, we are excited that our eco credits module is currently going through a governance proposal, and we are finally ready to establish a grants program to harmonize with the launch and adoption of this module.

About the Regen Network Grants Program

Our grants are weighted by the Regen Network project roadmap. Any submissions that work toward our roadmap, either in part or as a whole, are welcomed. The first wave of grants’ applications are currently open (opened on Nov 1st) and is running through until Nov 30th, with grant awards being processed from Dec 1st- Dec7. For wave 1 grants, we will distribute payments of 50% cash, 50% REGEN tokens (with a default of 1-year lockup).

Grants should be for self-directed, scoped, measurable, and achievable objectives through team or individual funding. The intent is for teams to be autonomous in order to achieve effectiveness, although one may request support from RND if absolutely necessary.

Grants will be split into 6 main categories:

  • Community
  • Science
  • Regen Registry
  • Land Stewardship
  • Natural Asset Development
  • Regen Ledger & Interfaces
  • Cosmos Ecosystem
  • Comos SDK

Let’s dig a little deeper on each of these categories…

Community — RND is commited to support our community in organizing, educating and developing its capacity to participate and govern the Regen Network, helping to establish a central space for our core mission: planetary regeneration.

Science — Regen Network requires active participation from scientists for various applications, including (but not limited to) the development of methodologies behind natural assets and credits, collaborating on peer review, monitoring and verifying credit projects.

Regen Registry — The Regen Registry is a community-curated decentralized registry of natural assets, which provides an additional income source for regenerative farming practices and nature-based solutions. As well as an alternative addition to traditional carbon offset registries.

Land Stewardship & Natural Asset Development— Our Land Stewardship & Natural Asset Development basis is built on the notion of directly nurturing the development of natural assets such as carbon credits.

Regen Ledger & Interfaces — Regen Ledger forms the core platform of Regen Network. Our blockchain employs several features, tools and interfaces to help make it legible to a broad scope of network participants and stakeholders.

Cosmos Ecosystem & SDK — The RND Team is working on several projects within the Cosmos ecosystem as the lead maintainers (and users) of the SDK. Regen Network has various priorities we are developing (and would like help with development), including Keystone (a key management suite), Bridges (facilitating the move of Regen eco credits and eco credit baskets out to the greater blockchain ecosystem) and Generalized DAO infrastructure (iterating on Groups module + interfaces and on COSMWASM-based DAO tooling + interfaces).

Calling all applicants! You should look at the avenues above that our team has created, but we would encourage (and hope for) proposals under any other category as well. We always welcome broad and creative outlooks on and beyond these themes.

Fill out the form for the grant application here or join us on Discord if you’d like to chat about a grant idea or have questions! 👋🏽




Regen Network aligns economics with ecology to drive regenerative land management. Learn more: This blog is published by RND inc, the development company building Regen Network

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