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Jun 24 · 5 min read

Regen Network and ixo have deepened our shared commitment to make Cosmos the leading blockchain ecosystem for the new Impact Economy.

The current precarious state of the world and all indications of where we are heading demands unequivocal commitment and action to achieve different outcomes. This requires changing the conventional rules of the game and joining forces in new modes of collaboration.

This is why we are following through on a commitment made more than 4 years ago between the founders of ixo and RND, to jointly lead Cosmos to become the blockchain ecosystem at the forefront of sustainability and ecological regeneration. — Christian Shearer, RND CIO

To demonstrate this commitment, in early 2021 we made a significant mutual exchange of REGEN and IXO tokens. We are now co-invested in our shared success, with incentives aligned and mutual participation in the governance of the networks we are stewarding. This strengthens our complementary roles and builds momentum for others to join the Cosmos mission for the future of humanity.

Regen Network and ixo are building open-source technology infrastructure, networks, and economic mechanisms for decentralized regenerative finance together to fundamentally improve how the world measures, reports, values, and invests in ecological and sustainability impacts. We are proud citizens of the Cosmos ecosystem and grateful for the support of the Cosmos founders, Interchain Foundation, and community who are contributing to the success of this ecosystem and are aligned with the values of sustainability, ecological regeneration, economic participation, and technical excellence.

We are currently working together to establish the standards and technological implementation in Cosmos for Impact Tokens, which are tradable and investible digital assets that represent verified outcomes, such as Carbon Emission Reductions, Biodiversity Certificates, Educational Achievement Certificates, and Immunization certificates.

Regen Network and ixo have been core contributors to the Cosmos software development and Interchain Standards, with RND taking the lead role in maintaining the Cosmos SDK.

A multi-stakeholder program, led by ixo and funded by the Interchain Foundation, will be launching in the coming weeks, to systematically implement the Cosmos mission for the Future of Humanity.

Through this program we will combine forces and resources across Cosmos, to strengthen and align the technical protocols, human capabilities, and partnerships that are needed for us to all succeed in this mission, calling on every participant in the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond, throughout the broader universe of interchain networks, to contribute their core competencies, services, and talents. In the immediate term, we have less than a decade to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and to avert irreversible consequences of climate change. We are all in this together!

As an example of the practical applications of these technologies, towards the end of 2020, Regen Network worked with a group of ranchers in New South Wales, Australia to provide monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) services that enabled these land stewards to issue and sell their environmental impacts in the form of high-quality carbon credits to Microsoft. This is significant because such programs have in the past needed to be conducted and centrally controlled by large bureaucratic institutions which are far removed from the real needs of local people and farming contexts. This sets new standards by which ranchers can measure and verify their ecological impacts.

With new technologies and the proliferation of low-cost sensors, inexpensive satellite data, accessible processing power, and trusted decentralized data infrastructure measuring, reporting, verifying, and trading impact assets no longer have to be dependent on large institutions, or slow and expensive procedures.

To establish the backbone infrastructure for a global Internet of Impact, ixo is working with leading sustainability-focused organizations and impact market-makers across the world to set up Market Relayers who will operate the validator nodes of this network (often in partnership with professional validator service providers) and build market platforms for connecting sustainable capital, impact project implementers, agents and oracle services.

The Impact Data Consortium Chain market relayer, supported by a grant from the government of Hong Kong Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund, is providing technical assistance and capacity-building to onboard 500 social-purpose organizations that will use ixo-Cosmos blockchain and software applications to track and report on their impacts. A community currency pilot, supported by the Interchain Foundation, will digitize local time-bank cooperatives and initiate the path towards sustainable and regenerative DeFi in Asia.

Together with a leading financial institution, ixo is piloting Alphabonds for results-based financing of primary education in India, using remote learning technology which integrates with the blockchain. In Africa, ixo will be used as the platform for financing, incentivizing, and verifying skills development and connect millions of youth to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, with a focus on the green economy.

Dr. Shaun Conway, who founded ixo, describes the Cosmos blockchain-based Internet of Impact as “a global digital immune system for humanity”.

He and the Regen Network founders, Gregory Landua and Christian Shearer, first met in 2017 at the Devcon 3 conference in Cancun. They immediately recognized their shared vision for connecting social and economic development to ecological regeneration and agreed Cosmos could be a great candidate to provide the technology infrastructure for this.

In the years that followed, ixo and Regen Network have shared many speaking platforms and co-hosted events across the world, to advocate this vision, educate people, and build communities of support. Along this journey, they have recognized that changing the game requires more than technological cooperation and how fundamentally important it is to shift people’s hearts and minds towards understanding that we can grow a movement for the future, which is better-enabled by sovereign and decentralized technologies. This is finally coming to fruition as both Regen Network and ixo have launched their Cosmos-based networks in recent months and are now inviting all stakeholders to get a stake in this shared future, by owning REGEN and IXO tokens, so they can actively participate in securing, governing and building on these networks.

We invite you to join forces and become a stakeholder and active contributor in Cosmos for the Future of Humanity.

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Regen Network Development

Regen Network aligns economics with ecology to drive regenerative land management. Learn more: This blog is published by RND inc, the development company building Regen Network

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Regen Network Development

Regen Network aligns economics with ecology to drive regenerative land management. Learn more: This blog is published by RND inc, the development company building Regen Network