Regen Network Partners on Return Protocol’s Climate Action Platform Launch

Regen Network Development, Inc. and Return Protocol enter strategic partnership

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3 min readNov 8, 2022


Today, Regen Network Development Inc. (RND, Inc.) announces that it will support Return Protocol’s launch of the Return’s climate action platform, scheduled for late 2022. Return Protocol plans to include Regen Network ecocredits and basket tokens in its carbon pools and create a curated pool of exclusive ecocredits within its climate action platform.

Return’s platform makes it easy for users to calculate historic blockchain emissions and track future impact. Users can then decide what climate action to take and receive a dynamic soulbound NFT that displays their impact. Return Protocol will offer co-branded NFT membership and exclusive access to Return Membership NFTs on the Return platform, for select $REGEN token holders.

Return Protocol’s CEO, Kieran White, says “We’re grateful for Regen Network’s support in developing ReFi solutions that use innovative web3 tools and methodology, rather than mimicking traditional markets and tools. We look forward to partnering with Regen Network to launch the Return climate action platform, and to collaborating on future exciting projects.”

RND, Inc. will also support the inclusion of Nature Carbon Ton (NCT) in Return Protocol launch criteria, designed by RND, Inc., Toucan, and Moss to bring high-quality nature-based carbon credits to blockchain markets in order to address climate change at scale.

RND, Inc.’s CEO, Gregory Landua, says, “As a community-oriented blockchain project, Regen Network strives to support creative ideas from brilliant minds that will serve planetary regeneration. We’re proud to support Return Protocol’s platform launch and ongoing development.”

Stay tuned for announcements and early offers of Return platform access and commemorative NFTs!

About Regen Network Development, Inc:

Started in 2017, Regen Network Development Inc. (RND) is the blockchain software development company powering the Regen Network blockchain protocol. RND is the core software developer of Regen Ledger, the blockchain software and core carbon accounting modules of the Regen Network blockchain protocol. RND’s engineering team has been a lead contributor to the ecosystem as the lead maintainer of the Cosmos SDK since 2019.

RND recently launched Regen Marketplace, a peer-to-peer application where anyone can buy, sell, and retire on-chain carbon credits and other ecological assets. RND is the current maintainer of Regen Registry program, a native blockchain credit registry system for scientific methodology development and credit issuance.

About the Regen Network blockchain protocol:

The Regen Network blockchain community consists of 75 validators, 20,000+ wallet holders, and 42 major projects building on Regen Ledger, along with a community of scientists, carbon project developers, software engineers, and credit buyers. As Regen Network onboards additional partners like Moss.Earth, Open Earth Foundation, Earthbanc, ERA Brazil, Shamba Protocol, and Terra Genesis International to participate in the growing crypto climate intersection, we hope to revolutionize the end-to-end lifecycle of seamlessly designing, tokenizing, and purchasing carbon credits for climate impact.

Connect with Regen Network: Website, Discord, Twitter, Medium

About Return Protocol:

Return’s automatic blockchain emissions offsetting tools leverage verified environmental assets. An NFT calculates past emissions and offsets carbon as new blockchain transactions are made. The NFT artwork evolves as more emissions are offset, showcasing climate action on the blockchain.

Connect with Return Protocol: Website, Twitter



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