Sotheby’s Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale, goes carbon neutral with Regen Network

Regen Network
Jul 21 · 2 min read
Meules after Claude Monet (and details), Matt Kane, 2021

Here at Regen Network, we believe the fusion of art, sustainability, and decentralization is intertwined on many levels. Soon enough NFTs will represent the cutting edge of carbon offsetting just like NFTs have become the vanguard of art.

We are excited to be a part of a big first within this intersection: a major auction house hosting a group of leading NFT artists at auction. Hosted by Sotheby’s online auction platform, Natively Digital features curated works from Kevin McCoy’s Quantum, the first NFT ever minted, “Alien” Cryptopunk by Larva Labs, and The Shell Record by Anna Ridler.

The 27 NFT artists and artworks included in the auction will be unveiled during the sale, which opened for bidding on June 3. The aesthetics in these works provide a deeper understanding of the complex, groundbreaking technology from which NFTs are derived and their vast influence.

Serwah Attafuah, Creation of My Metaverse (Between this World and the Next), 2021.

So where does Regen come in? As a blockchain-based carbon offset platform, we are conducting a case study to accurately offset the minting and transaction costs of Natively Digital. These carbon credit offsets represent ecological outcomes from the Kasigua Corridor REDD+ project, a Kenyan wildlife conservation pioneer that protects 200,000 ha of dryland forests and 11,000 wild elephants. Pretty incredible, right? The project provides social programs that impact over 116,000 local community members with long-term jobs that incentivize the stop of poaching and illegal tree harvesting in Kenya.

We are humbled to be leaders in the provision of high-quality carbon credits for digital applications such as this. Climate change demands that every industry and every company be at the table. When industry innovators like Sotheby’s step forward, others follow.

Special thank you to Garrette Furo from the Regen Network Development team for making this collaboration possible.


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