Tech Round-Up: Cosmos SDK and Regen Ledger Projects

Regen Network Community Funding Program


Regen Network’s Community Funding Program awarded $1.5 million in funding to #BuiltOnRegen projects ranging from micro-model farms to DAO tooling. Of the 40 incredible projects in the 2022 cohort, there are some powerhouse teams innovating on Regen Ledger, Cosmos SDK, and other blockchain functionality. We’ve collected updates on these engineering development projects, what they’ve achieved to date in 2022, and how their work will deepen over the remainder of the year! Explore the projects at #BuiltonRegen.

Project Round-Up

Amber Case has launched StarryBot, a token-gated discord app for native tokens in the Cosmos ecosystem which allows for Cosmos-themed token gating and wallet checking systems for DAOs. Regen Network looks forward to the use of Starrybot in our discord!

Cambium is developing an open source resolver service for the Regen Ledger data module. This resolver enables the data that supports ecological claims to be verified and attested to on-chain. A minimum viable implementation will be released with the launch of Regen Ledger 4.0. Explore more in the project Github.

Forbole Limited has launched the big dipper explorer integration and is on track to adopt $Regen token functionality into the Forbole X wallet by mid summer. Regen Big Dipper and Forbole X will function as wallet support for $Regen.

CarbonFarmDAO began by exploring a solution where participating land stewards receive an NFT representing their land parcel. Since then, they have shifted to developing CosmWasm smart contracts on Stargaze to allow collection NFT holders to redeem Regen Network basket tokens. This technical discovery digs deep into relayer research on Regen Network and Stargaze test networks to allow for the transfer of basket tokens between blockchains.

DAODAO is currently building user interfaces and smart contracts for DAOs and Multisigs on the Juno Network. Over the past several months they’ve released a new version of their docs and the v0.3.0 (beta) of their DAODAO dApp. Explore the dApp here!

Gotjoshua is developing a framework for posting modular and cross-referenceable articles. They are working to publish their preexisting ETH testnet based app for selling redeemable NFTs on a Cosmos-based EVM chain. Explore more in the project Gitlab.

Mother Multi-Species Universe is planning fieldwork in Thailand and Palau, where they will issue digital identity to endangered dugong herds using NFTs through Dugong DAO. They are currently pursuing additional funding opportunities to support this work.


Linking the techno-sphere with the biosphere in service to ecological regeneration, and re-aligning the economics of land use with long-term ecological health are imperatives that take a community to build. It is a sign of the times we live in, in which individuals and groups are mobilizing to create climate-positive outcomes born out of grassroots need and inspiration. After all, Regen Network is both a community and a public infrastructure.

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