Profiles in Regeneration: Chaind, 17, U.S.

The renewable energy industry has the potential to help an enormous amount of people. It could bring more jobs to working-class citizens, which would in turn boost the economy.

Young people all around the world are working to build a regenerative future. At 17, Chaind Garcia is one of those people. He wants to create an app that turns throwing away trash and recycling into a game through a points-and-rewards system to be redeemed IRL.

Regenerative Futures: How are you feeling right now?

Chaind Garcia: There are many feelings that most people in my situation would be feeling, but what I am feeling is thrilled. I’m about to commence a new journey in my life, which will allow me to go for my dreams to restore our planet.

RF: What’s a secret your search history can tell us about you?

CG: Everyone lies, but the power of someone’s search history reveals their darkest secrets. Mine highlights how much of an intuitive and resourceful person I am. [Throughout the pandemic, I’ve been able] to use search engines to access credible information in order to keep me and my family safe.

RF: What are you reading/learning about at the moment?

CG: The book that I’m reading at the moment is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. The book has opened my eyes to the possibility of aliens and how they would change society.

RF: Who is your favorite human and why?

CG: I was never able to recognize a specific human as my “favorite” until I was introduced to my marine biology teacher, who opened my eyes to the destruction that we as humans are doing to the Earth.

RF: Which key moment inspired you to start your project?

CG: The moment that truly inspired me was when my marine biology teacher told the class how much time we have left to save our planet. After that, my brain started to churn and think about ideas to help save our planet.


RF: In two years’ time, what would success with your project look like?

CG: The problem in today’s society when it comes to trash is that humans are so selfish in polluting the land, air, and water. After creating a successful platform for my app, in two years’ time people from all around the globe will be redirecting the disposal of trash to have a more sanitized Earth and cleaner air quality.

RF: If you could focus a large percentage of government funding on one industry or project for the next five to ten years, which would you choose and why?

CG: The renewable energy industry has the potential to help an enormous amount of people. It could bring more jobs to working-class citizens, which would in turn boost the economy. [Really, renewable energy] would save our planet from all the harm and damage that we as humans have inflicted on it.

RF: What is the best and worst thing about the education system in your country?

CG: One of the best qualities is that it allows you to follow a specific career path under a specific major. But on the other hand, the American educational system prioritizes academic certification over work experience.

RF: Do you have a message for anyone your age living in the year 2060?

CG: The world that you are living in may be a mess, but always remember there is a solution to every problem and never stop fighting for what is right.

RF: What inspires or frightens you most about the future?

CG: The near future is not a pretty one for this planet. If we don’t change soon, we are going to pay the price.

RF: Regeneration is…

CG: Healing the Earth from the detrimental impacts that we have caused to it.

To learn more about Regenerative List finalist, Chaind Garcia, click here.



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