Ecological-based approaches with Keith Bowers

Tune into this episodes of The Regenerative Real Estate Podcast | Episode 29

Well into our way into the era of the Anthropocene, the defining work of the 21st century will be on revitalizing and regenerating land and habitat. Humans have altered, sculpted, and impacted every ecosystem on the planet.

What once was will no longer be. That’s why the work of revitalizing ecosystems is harder than rocket science. There is no mechanical solution to working with systems that are evolving. Looking to the past can only give so many clues as we struggle with the concepts of native species, novel ecosystems, and baseline metrics.

Keith Bowers of Biohabitats joins us on this episode of The Regenerative Real Estate Podcast to talk about his background and insights that he has gleaned over thirty years regenerating ecosystems and landscapes. His work can best be defined as a blend of sound science, place-based design, and ecological democracy.

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Neal Collins

Neal Collins

Co-founder of Latitude — a company that helps transform people’s lives and communities by incorporating sustainability into real estate.