Regeneration for Social Change

The Regenerative Real Estate Podcast | Episode 32

“Your life is your story. Write well. Edit often.” - Susan Statham

Ashley Colby Fitzgerald’s life is one in which passion meets purpose. She dared to take the road less traveled; the road that many of us only glimpse in bleary-eyed daydreams. To venture into the unknown, guided by a burning question of “What could be?” takes a leap of faith. It is an act that tests your resolve, questions your motives, grades on your patience, and thus, builds your resilience.

With the burning desire to learn through the experience of living a life of sustainability and subsistence farming, Ashley and her husband purchased land in Uruguay while a trip volunteering with WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) with the intention of creating a life there.

Ashley’s academic background in subsistence food production in the US fanned her desire to immerse herself in a community that practiced this lifestyle at large. It is through this lens that she examines how lifestyle choices can address social and environmental problems.

In this episode of The Regenerative Real Estate Podcast, Ashley tells a gripping narrative of what led her to Uruguay, the hardships encountered, and the endeavors she has taken on. From raising a family to starting the Rizoma Field School, Ashley’s story is nothing short of extraordinary. Through her lived experience of regeneration, Ashley helps to put the pieces together on how sustainability is couched within social systems that can be drivers for positive change and transformation.

To learn more about Ashley’s work you can visit her new site SuLoFair or pickup her book Subsistence Agriculture in the US: Reconnecting Work, Nature, and Community.

Find this podcast episode and the rest on Apple Podcast or your favorite podcast listening platform. Be sure to visit Latitude to more about Regenerative Real Estate



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Neal Collins

Neal Collins

Co-founder of Latitude — a company that helps transform people’s lives and communities by incorporating sustainability into real estate.