Wellness Real Estate on the Rise

The environments that we live and work in are critical for our health, well-being, and success.

For a long time now there has been a shift towards viewing housing as a commodity that is based on the numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square feet. People care about the look of finishes and the size of the backyard, rarely, however, do people think about how these spaces impact their health and well-being.

One person, though, is starting to sound the alarm. Meet Sheila Alston — part designer, part wellness professional, and part real estate agent. Sheila deeply cares about the way our homes can make a positive (or negative) impact on our health and well-being.

Through her work as a designer she began to see a trend in people looking for ways to modify their spaces. This includes things like color therapy, landscaping, and biophilic design. She also noticed that people are gravitating towards places that are community-oriented where nature is incorporated into the master plan.

Sheila calls this emergent trend “Wellness real estate.” Through her work as a real estate agent in the San Diego area, she also found that there is a need to demystify wellness and help give people actionable advice to create healthy habitats. This is an area where she sees huge potential for the real estate community to step up their games, from real estate agents, designers, and developers.

By focusing on this mission she has created Wellness RE Magazine, a new publication that helps real estate agents serve their clients by providing them with actionable content in a beautiful, easy-to-digest format.

Be sure to tune into The Regenerative Real Estate Podcast Episode that features Sheila and her work.



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Neal Collins

Neal Collins


Co-founder of Latitude — a company that helps transform people’s lives and communities by incorporating sustainability into real estate.