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(re)Introducing OurNetwork


As a leader in the coverage of crypto-analytics, OurNetwork helps its readers find clarity in an increasingly complex market by pinpointing the most relevant topics in crypto-investing and distilling them down into clear insights.

To illustrate this process, we built a system made up of on two main elements: planes and chips.

Gradient planes graphically represent the vast, complex and ever-changing crypto landscape.

Chips are specific points extracted from the larger plane. They represent insights derived from vast amounts of information, highlighting the ability of OurNetwork’s contributors to analyze, articulate and synthesize the moment.


One of the goals of the refresh was to create a graphic system that compliments both OurNetwork’s diversity of content and its serialized format. How could we make the artwork feel recurrent but not repetitive?

To start, we developed a square grid system that could accommodate a variety of applications. It’s three sizes — small, medium, and large — provide a level of flexibility and variation to what could otherwise be a restrictive format.

Based on a core subdivision of 20 and determined by the size of a given canvas, the grid seamlessly adapts to fit a variety of dimensions and orientations.

This simple system provides a framework for how we use the planes and chips. Three core configurations — the stripe, the checkerboard, and the mirror — artfully illustrate the interplay between information and insight.


For the logo, we built on the foundation laid by OurNetwork’s existing icon. Formed from a convergence of unique pieces, the original logo was inspired by OurNetwork’s community-driven approach.

The updated icon seeks to amplify these ideas by simplifying the overall design. The implied “N”—thinly suggested in the original logo — is deliberately exaggerated for greater visual impact. This shift in proportion adds a sense of dynamism and implies forward movement, while the opposing triangles hint at the up and down arrows of market metrics.


Our color palette is composed of five carefully selected tones, anchored by an update of OurNetwork’s signature color, aquamarine.

These core tones are combined to form a family of diverse yet cohesive gradients.


Because of the hyper-flexible nature of the key art, when selecting a typeface we looked for a font that was strong and distinctive enough to act as an anchor for the system.

In our search, we landed on Lettera, a family of monospaced and proportional fonts designed by Kobi Benezri for Lineto. The design hearkens back to a typeface developed in 1968 by Josef Müller-Brockmann for use on Olivetti’s newly-developed golf ball typewriters.

Olivetti’s Lettera 22 Typewriter

Lettera’s rigid, mechanical nature speaks to OurNetwork’s data-driven ethos, while its subtle formal quirks keep it feeling approachable.

As OurNetwork’s core typeface, Lettera perfectly balances sophistication and authority without sacrificing warmth and character.

Putting it all together

When combined, the gradients, grid, and artwork configurations create a seemingly infinite array of designs.

Key art system in use.

None of this work would be possible without the guidance of OurNetwork’s founder and editor, Spencer Noon. We’re grateful to have been a part of helping tell OurNetwork’s story and look forward to watching it continue to grow both as a brand and as a community.




Regrets Only, LLC is an independent creative studio specializing in brand strategy, identity and visual communication in Boston, Massachusetts.

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