Rehive Fintech Challenge 2018

Rehive Fintech Challenge is a global event to engage and support entrepreneurs, developers and businesses to develop fintech products and solutions.

The challenge consists of a series of pop up hackathons and workshops that will be organized in collaboration between Rehive, partners and sponsors.

The best projects will win prize money to help them bootstrap their fintech business ideas.

Fintech Challenge

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate in the Rehive Fintech Challenge. It is a global event and submissions are online.

Participants can join local pop up hackathons and workshops hosted by partners and sponsors. This is a great opportunity to make friends, learn about fintech and work on your project.

Rehive is also hosting frequent online workshops for anyone that is interested in learning more about fintech.

What is the prize money?

There will be a total of $100k prize money for distributed throughout the series of hackathons and final event. *Prize money for the Rehive Fintech Challenge will be confirmed. Winners of the challenge will be introduced to partner accelerators and investors to receive mentorship and growth capital.

When does the challenge start?

Rehive Fintech Challenge officially starts on 1 March 2018. Applications for the final event will open later in 2018.

Note that pop up hackathons will be hosted throughout the year, which have separate judging criteria per event. There is also prize money for pop up events.

What is the application requirements?

In order to stand a chance of winning one of the main prizes for the challenge you or your team will be expected to submit the following:

  • Projects need to be developed on Rehive.
  • 1 minute video introducing your team and product
  • A short presentation about your product
  • Screenshots of your product
  • Access to a demo product
  • Anything else that is awesome

Please send your application to

What is the rules and judging criteria?

Judging criteria for the final challenge will be announced soon.

Fintech Hackathons

Pop up hackathon events are co-hosted by Rehive, sponsors and partners. The goal is to build a local community of developers and entrepreneurs in fintech. We’re limiting events to one pop up hackathon per month, per major city. The idea is to help kickstart new projects for the main Fintech Challenge.

Who can participate?

Anyone, whether developer, designer or entrepreneurs can participate. Any business can become a sponsor to host a pop up event.

What is the prize money?

Prize money for a pop up hackathons range between $500 to $5,000 per event, depending on the sponsor.

When and where are the events hosted?

Pop up hackathons typically starts on a Saturday morning and ends on the next day around lunch time. Participants can come and go as they wish in between. Hackathons are typically advertised 4 to 6 week prior to the event day.

Next events

Keep an eye on our event page for all upcoming pop up hackathons.

What are the judging criteria?

Each hackathon has a unique judging criteria that are defined prior to the event. In general the format is to build and pitch a prototype product that includes the following breakdown:

  • Product (25): Does the product solve the problem in a unique way? How well does the product solve an African problem?
  • Tech (25): What did the team achieve in 24h? Do they have a working product, prototype or just a business concept?
  • Sponsor relevance (25): Does the product solve a problem identified by the sponsors?
  • Pitch (25): Did the team consider the following questions in their pitch: Does this solution have a business case? Can it be taken to market and become a profitable product? How likely is this solution to succeed? What is the business model? How big is the market? What did the team do to validate the value proposition to the end customer?

Participants have 3 minutes to impress the judges doing an in-person demo and presentation. Judges will then select the best projects to present for the prizes on the day.

Participants can read more about the rules here.

Call for sponsors

Contact us if you’re interested to sponsor a pop up event or collaborate. Read more about the sponsorship proposal here.