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Michael Brink
Dec 21, 2017 · 5 min read

Rehive is expanding

Interested in helping to build the future of fintech? Do you regularly run into brick walls on your way to success? Are you passionate about digital currencies and blockchain? If so, you’ve found the right place.

Rehive is a platform for building and launching fintech applications. As a team member of Rehive you’ll contribute to the future of financial services using next generation technologies. We’re disrupting the technology barrier to entry for starting a fintech business. Similar to how Shopify makes it easy to launch an ecommerce store, Rehive is making it easy to start a fintech business.

If you like playing with Lego, you’ll definitely like working at Rehive.

Current openings

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What we’re looking for

We’re a team of builders — engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs — who love what we do. While there are many clichés like self starter, hardworking, innovative, creative thinker etc. what we find appealing is someone who is relentlessly resourceful in everything that they do. This ensures that we can provide team members with sufficient autonomy and creative license to make their mark on the Rehive brand.

Our hiring process entails a series of assignments or projects (role based) that helps us to understand how you operate and whether or not you will be a good fit. We want to see if your heart is in the right place.

A little bit more about us

Our mission is to accelerate fintech innovation.

In 2014 we built our first fintech app and in the process experienced first hand how hard it is to start a fintech business from scratch. In 2016 we decided to focus on building a platform that can help other fintech companies stay ahead of the game without reinventing the wheel. Read more about our mission, vision and strategy here.

We’re early movers and have made a big bet on the future of blockchain and all things crypto. We believe that in the future, all financial institutions will need systems like Rehive to build products on top of cryptocurrencies and blockchains as a store of value. Read more about how Rehive works here.

Startups, banks and financial enterprises use our software to build and launch their products, whether it is an app for bill splitting, making payment requests, managing a crypto fund, or anything that needs a ledger system.


Most of our team members work remotely, but have access to co-working spaces in San Francisco and Cape Town. In 2018 we’re setting up a more permanent office space in Cape Town and Amsterdam. We embrace remote working, but also want to create a space where our team can get together to either energise or be energised.

Our team

Currently our team is focused on development and sales.

On the development side we’re focused on building a core team around the Rehive Platform where smaller teams are focused on building Rehive Services. We’re also in the process of establishing a products and solutions team to build specific solutions on Rehive Platform for off-the-shelf implementations.

On the sales side we have three focus areas including Lead Generation, Sales and Success Management that all work together closely. Our sales team is focused on optimizing the customer onboarding process whereby leads can get started without our help. We also spend a significant amount of our time educating, selling and closing larger enterprise deals. On the long run we’re reinforcing our value proposition by cross selling further integrated solutions on top of the Rehive Platform.

Our approach

Innovation — At our core we strive to enable innovators. External developers and entrepreneurs alike can use our tools to develop creative fintech solutions. Internally we’ve created an exciting model whereby team members can develop projects that could potentially lead to launching spin off businesses.

Growth — We go out of our way to make sure that our team is always challenged and can envision a path in their role where there is room to learn and grow.

Resourcefulness — We expect everyone in our team to embrace the attitude of being relentlessly resourceful. If you get stuck, always make a plan, ask for help and just make it happen.

Amazeballness — We’re comfortable hiring talented individuals and perform the necessary training and up-skilling if you don’t have experience in fintech.

Eagerness — We love candidates that show interest and are willing to learn more about Rehive on their own time and expense before joining the team. We typically ask candidates to do a developer challenge or submit a use case draft as part of the application process.

Ownership — We expect team members to be involved in the whole life cycle of new features that they’ve been working on. For example, if you helped scoping a spec, it should be as much your responsibility to make sure it is well rounded as the person doing the implementation.

Community — Rehive’s community is more important than us. The more people who join the mission and help build tools on Rehive, the better chances we have of fulfilling the vision.

Our investors

We are backed by leading Silicon Valley investors, including Tim Draper (investor in Tesla, Skype, Twitch), Jed McCaleb (co- founder of Ripple and Stellar), Jesse Powell (CEO of Kraken) and other angel investors. We’re also alumni of Boost VC, a blockchain and VR accelerator in Silicon Valley, where we have access to a vibrant community of startups and engineers.

Rehive perks

Remote working. Our team works remotely most of the time. In 2018 we’re setting up a more official office space in Cape Town.

Flexible hours. You can work hours that suit your rhythm best. In the end the goal is to give you the flexibility to work optimally and go the extra mile.

Travel. In 2018 Rehive will host two retreats, whereby at least one will be outside of South Africa. Retreats will be a short sprints where the team gets together to work on making the product better.

Equipment. Every team member gets a budget for a computer and monthly internet usage.

Awesome events. Every now and again we organise team outings, social events or hackathons to unleash creativity.

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