Workshop for building a crypto wallet

Are you looking to launch an exchange, hedge fund, investment platform, bank or prepaid solutions for blockchain assets? You’ve come to the right place!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard about Rehive’s hands-on crypto workshop where you’ll learn how to build, launch and manage a real crypto wallet application on Rehive in a day. We’ve created the workshop as an initiative to bridge the education gap for entrepreneurs and enterprises to start building financial products on a blockchain.

About us

Rehive is a platform & toolkit for building fintech apps. One of our key innovations is our crypto service that includes a range of specialized features for issuing, managing, monitoring and transacting on a blockchain. We currently support Ethereum, Stellar and Bitcoin. You can also issue your own assets and tokens. What this really means is that you can launch a crypto product without having to build anything from scratch.

Who is it for

This workshop is a golden ticket for product owners, heads of innovation and development teams in any financial services business. We’re very open to share our knowledge and expertise to help you move faster.

What you can expect

The workshop will run the course of 1 full day and consists of 5 sessions. By the end of the workshop you will walk out with your own branded crypto wallet fully integrated with one of Rehive’s crypto services. Workshops are open to enterprises or individuals either on-site, online or at a pre scheduled date/location.

In summary you’ll get a solid grip on operational requirements of running a product that has been built on a blockchain. You’ll also have a better understanding of how to tackle the user experience — especially the compromise between UX, control and security.

Session 1: Learn — Learn about the anatomy of a fintech application that is integrated with a blockchain and how this is constructed in a modular way on Rehive.

Session 2: Setup — Set up your crypto wallet on Rehive and navigate through users, currencies, accounts, and transactions as the core configurable building blocks of your application.

Session 3: Training — Deep dive into the essentials of managing a crypto wallet. In this session we’ll teach you how to manage KYC, private keys, customer support and configuring a crypto service on Rehive Platform.

Session 4: Build — Using Rehive’s open source projects you’ll setup a mobile wallet for your own branded crypto wallet. The application supports Rehive’s standard features as well as transacting on a blockchain.

Session 5: Launch — Invite friends and colleagues to sign up to your crypto wallet, test the features, configure additional business logic and learn about maintenance and hosting requirements for your application.

Rehive provides participants with a complete crypto wallet handbook as well as a live, hosted mobile application of your crypto wallet which serves as a great proof of concept for a crypto product.

Workshop options

As mentioned, workshops are offered to enterprises as well as individuals either online or on-site, at your offices. In addition to this, we have planned a workshop roadshow where we will be offering the workshop in several cities including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Amsterdam, Vancouver, New York and San Francisco. More information on the roadshow to follow, or visit the registration link.

For enterprises

Contact us for custom group sizes

  • On-site | max 10 attendees
  • Online | max 20 attendees
  • Scheduled | TBC

For individuals

  • Online
  • Scheduled | TBC

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Interested in launching your own crypto wallet?

We officially kick off the crypto wallet workshop in mid February 2018, but you can provisionally register here for pre scheduled workshops or to book your a on-site/online workshop in advance.

Interested in co-hosting the workshop?

Drop a note to if you are want more information or if you are interested in co-hosting the crypto wallet workshop with us, or reach us on Twitter.