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REI Chain

The launch of “REI Chain” and empowering businesses into the Metaverse with DApps.

26 March 2022

The big 3 blockchain companies- KillSwitch, Arken, and Inspex have formed an alliance to become a Node Validator for the new rising star “REI Chain”. Setting new standards and foundations for businesses in Metaverse, rest assured with guaranteed experts of Smart Contract and Web3.0.

KillSwitch.Finance; a decentralized platform that assists investors by optimizing and gathering farming pools from a variety of platforms in the decentralized finance world — Providing convenience tools such as auto compound, the one-click farming system.; the all-in-one trading platform/tool for DEX traders to monitor tokens and synthetic assets forecast the market movement, and trade at the best rate currently available on multiple chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, and Arbitrum.; Cybersecurity professional service, specializing in blockchain and smart contract audit trusted and audited multiple big leading DApps such as Alpaca Finance, Aleswap, Saros finance, Infinitee finance, and many more.

Apart from the node validator that is the basis for the consensus, the REI chain also has underlying DApps that will assist businesses into the blockchain industry such as Ryoii, PayD, Speedboat, Kururu, Northbridge, Foodcourt, Laika, diCERT, etc.





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