2018 Sex Geek Summer Camp Announcement and Overview…

As part of the continuing outward facing transparency of my accountability process, here’s a quick overview of the Sex Geek Summer Camp decision that was recently announced to current camp ticket holders and camp alumni.

Quick TLDR summary (more detailed info below):

• Sex Geek Summer Camp 2018 has been canceled

• Camp ticket holders were informed of the news and their options

• Camp alumni were also informed of the news

• A “town hall” call for camp ticket holders and camp alumni was held


Previous to the decision to cancel camp, I’d asked the Pod for their guidance in helping me identify an approach for camp and camp ticket holders that would echo the values and ethics of this restorative approach.

Through multiple, generous discussions with the Pod members and camp’s organizer, Cathy Vartuli, it became apparent that the decision most in alignment with the values of this process was to cancel 2018’s camp and offer current ticket holders several options intended to honor and support their investment and trust. One of the options included being refunded.

The announcement was emailed to 2018 camp ticket holders informing them of the decision and detailing their options. An abbreviated announcement was also posted to the private camp alumni Facebook group as well as emailed to camp alumni so everyone is on the same page.

As of 3 weeks ago, all 2018 ticket holders’ choices have been received and processed.

As of 2 weeks ago, a Digital Town Hall, moderated by Pod members Angel Adeyoha and Caz Killjoy, was held on Zoom for all 2018 camp ticket holders, camp alumni, teachers, and volunteers. It was held to discuss questions and feelings regarding camp’s cancellation.

A post detailing how the Digital Town Hall call went will be forthcoming.

For those following this process who have questions, feel free to reach out to the Pod (Angel Adeyoha, Alex S. Morgan, Heather, Caz Killjoy) or myself via the contact methods here or on Facebook.