How to create a wallet on MetaMask and buy Reindeer tokens

Thank you very much for being interested in our project!
This tutorial is the step-by-step guide to participate in our Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

ICO is the next generation crowdfunding. It enables everyone to invest and participate in a good project making the world more varied and interesting.
Please read this article, join our ICO!

Step 1: Obtain Ether
Step 2: Create your Blockchain Wallet
Step 3: Register your Ethereum address to our whitelist
Step 4: Deposit Ether
Step 5: Send Ether

Step 1: Obtain Ether

Ether is one of the cryptocurrencies. For participating our ICO, you need to send it to us. So the first step is to obtain some amount of Ether. You can purchase Ether through online exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance and so on. Register an account with the exchange, and then transfer money (also known as fiat currency) from your bank account to your account on the exchange.

Step 2: Create your Blockchain Wallet

Next, you need to create a Blockchain Wallet for send your Ether to us and receive our tokens. It is not your exchange account created at step 1. Widely accepted wallets are MetaMask or MyEtherWallet. They are free of charge. If you can use Chrome browser, we will recommend to use MetaMask.

2–1 Click ‘GET CHROME EXTENSION’ at the website of MetaMask.

2–2 Click ‘Add to Chrome’ at the chrome web store.

2–3 By clicking fox icon on the right side of your Chrome window, you can access to MetaMask window. Enter your new password over 8 charactors and click ‘CREATE’. Do not lose it and do not share it anywhere. Make a backup and keep them safe.

After you click ‘NEXT’ on the next page, you need to read all of terms of use. After scrolling to finalal sentenses, you can click ‘ACCEPT’.

2–4 After check several pages, you can get 12 words by clicking ‘CLICK HERE TO REVEAL SECRET WORDS.’ They are restore key of MetaMask account.

You should click ‘Download this Secret Backup Phrase’ to backup them. Do not lose it and do not share it anywhere. Make a backup and keep them safe.

2–5 Finally, you need to click 12 words by same order as the restore key saved by 2–4 and click ‘CONFIRM’. And close next page.

2–6 Congraturation! Your wallet is created. When you click the account name, you can copy your Ethereum address.

Step 3: Register your Ethereum address to our whitelist

You need to add your Ethereum address to our whitelist for paticipate in our ICO. Please enter your Ethereum address created by Step2 and few additional informations on our form.

3–1 Go to form in Reindeer web site.

3–2 Input form contents and click ‘REGISTER TO WHITELIST


3–3 Check your delivered mail and CLICK confirmation URL. And view this page.

Step 4: Deposit Ether

By using exchange’s web site, you need to send Ether you want to invest to us.

  1. Go to view account

2. Click ‘Deposit’ on the home screen of MetaMask (when logged in).

3. Use the QR Code or Address to make a deposit depending on what service you are using.

Step 5: Send Ether

NOTE: Please do this step after you get a mail from Reindeer after passing KYC and registration to whitelist.

5–1. Press the ‘Send’ button

5–2. In the ‘Recipient Address’ field, enter the address of the Reindeer smart contract — 0xa02c65df96be2de886d36be3f4924c1af7bd6fd6

In the ‘Amount’ field, indicate the amount of Ethereum you wish to spend to buy Reindeer Tokens.

Note: Min per subscription: 2.0ETH

And Transaction Fee is set ‘FAST’ by default. (It’s changeable)

Click the ‘NEXT’ button.

5–3. Confirm your transaction y clicking the ‘Confirm’ button

5–4. Your transaction will show as ‘pending’ and then ‘confirmed’ in history


Form: Please register to Reindeer whitelist before send ETH
Telegram: Please contact to us if you have any questions
Website: Reindeer project