This is the reason why your business sucks

Unconscious mind attraction is the key

Victor Camon
May 25 · 7 min read

The thought became a word

Angel told me this yesterday. He is Around 65’. Has cancer but yesterday told me he is clean. He has to make a new check but at the moment he is fine.

Paint your words to attract unconscious minds. Picture from Pixabay.

I do remember how happy he was when I brought him to a mountain 1 hour from home. We enjoyed the ride there, enjoyed the breakfast we had and also fill in of pure water mountain, the 21 bottles of 8kgs I was brought from home.

Yesterday while sharing a nice talk with him he told me this sentence:

thoughts become words.

I never thought about that. I always try to put words in my thoughts when writing or expressing myself but never went to that conclusion.

He is right. And I do believe is something magic for us, for human, being able to translate our thoughts in words. Unfortunately, sometimes we do not use the right words for our thoughts or we are not able to use words when we express our thoughts.

Julian, my business partner, is a very good guy. He does a great business and luckily for me, he has the power to bring ideas to the market. I am on the other side, on the position of having the ideas and it’s more complicated for me to integrate them in the market. I am sure this is one of the reasons why we are good friends and try to have a great business together.

A few days ago I told him that for me sometimes is complicated to put to words what I have in mind. It took me many years to understand this. Till one day I read, Rocket Fuel. That book claims that in life there are visionaries and integrators.

I am a visionary. I have the idea in mind but it’s hard to bring it to the action. Julian is an integrator, not that good in having ideas but so good in acting. That’s a perfect balance.

Businesses need to upgrade their creative works.

The current saturation in this global world doesn’t make easy the way to be different from others. And yes: That’s key.

Some years ago it wasn’t an option to think out of the box. You were weird and strange if you were thinking different than mass. You already may know how is that nowadays. Today, you are another one if nothing is different.

Manipulate your customer’s brain with this trick

There are a couple of facts you shall know:

Pow, right in the kisser.

But that’s not all. See this:

And how does it work the unconscious mind?

You have 2 options: Draw an image or create a pattern.

So the unconscious minds directly feed on images and patterns. Simple like that.

And you know what we do… we do talk, talk and talk when presenting our products/business.

So imagine you are talking with a possible customer and you start talking about how your product it works, how you can help their business… by talking you are impacting in a max 4% of the records.

How should it go if you improve your presentation by creating images or patterns?

See how I do that in a project I am working with:

This solution came across on a trip I took to Norway. I like to take photo landscape. I really enjoy being alone in front of frozen mountains to feel how northern lights dance around me.

In my last trip, I forgot my (here my product) and that’s one of the items you have to carry always carry in your backpack. I went to different shops to find the (here my product) and realize that was the same I could purchase in Barcelona.

That was strange. The places were totally different and don’t make sense to use the same (here my product). So I start studying how others are using it and realize there was a need to work in a good project.

Really brief that’s my storytelling. You saw that I didn’t talk about the solution of the product, technical details, competition… I created an image of how my experience discovered the need for new stuff. I didn’t talk much about pattern solution to help to impact the unconscious mind but I could extend and create that.

The music is playing, the smell you are receiving, the voices heard, the feel in touching something… these are powerful tools for unconscious minds more than words or the current details you are sharing from your business.

So, let’s go for what it works. Answer this question:

If you would have to draw a cartoon of your project/business to a deaf person how would it look like?

Create your storytelling from that. Consider in your communications that if you show images and pattern the unconscious mind will be able to capture that information in a 96% while the conscious mind will take the 4% max.

Do you know what is also very interesting? The unconscious mind doesn’t realize what is true or an imagination. Doesn’t see the difference!

Unfortunately, you are not taught about the power of your mind when you are improving your business skills or developing your projects. You are taught about how to develop your business plan, your Swot analysis, the market… but what about how the consumer is receiving the information???

I take this phrase from Meredith Arthur in her article What’s up with the unconscious mind?:

It all boils down to one simple fact: Our brains believe what we tell them to believe

It’s simple like that.

And Ujwal Arkalgud also says something magic in his article Unconscious mind.

In the world of business, there are also a multitude of horror stories, where innovations and business strategies are implemented because self-reported data (typically a survey) told leaders it was the right thing to do.

The anthropologist is probably one of the jobs for the future. We keep learning about maths, marketing, sales… but what about how the mind works in human?

Consumer behavior changes very often. From country to country. From sector to sector. We are leaving in a digital and technology revolution but in the end, humans keep being humans. We do not change as our environment does.

We fight to be part of consumer minds by working in the same concepts as many years ago. Because schools are teaching the same solutions as they have taught year by year, no revolution is also in the education system.

That’s why there are universities like Minerva that are known to be disruptive. I talked about this in my article: Be Creative: The #1 Skill If You Want To Be A Human.

So, how are you connecting your business to customer Unconscious Minds??? Think about this. You need to be creative to stay strong in the market.

Do not fight with low prices, reducing margins, doing promotions… this is only making you work more to win less. Your business deserves to take time to understand how to attract unconscious minds.

It makes sense when 96% of what you receive in life comes from unconscious minds. And we still keep working in the conscious mind.

So which changes can you take? Remember the exercise I showed you about your storytelling. Start creating information with images and patterns, this is how the unconscious mind is attracted.

You are not alone. I am in the same situation. I did know about the power of the unconscious mind 1 year ago. I am starting to study this. Apart from adding Creativity and Innovation to the business, I do believe marketing in that hidden mind is the future of good projects.

I am already thinking about the changes I need to take for my business so I can play in the unconscious. It’s our time to do that so put attention with that. Start creating for the consumer mind you’ve not been working before which receives 96% of the information.

Thanks for reading this article.

You also deserve to understand why my written English is not as better as my spoken one. See below:

I did learn English after ending my degree at the university. Before that, the opportunities to learn I had were not good enough to have great grammar and great communication English skills.

Thanks to my job, I then had to improve my English and I put my efforts to learn to communicate. That’s what I am doing then. I do have very good spoken English but grammar it’s another issue. I improved my English to talk with people, not to write books.

I don’t care. I do prefer to talk better than write in English. In the end, talking is the best way I can communicate with others and my goal was to share my message.

Therefore, I do know that my message is not lost. I know that the importance comes from voice and that I can do mistakes when writing. What I really wanted was being able to communicate around the world and prefer to do that by talking than writing.

I prefer to be mistaken in writing as I do not want to mistake my life from not trying to improve in my vocal communicative skills.

Hope you can get my message.


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