Find a Greater Meaning to Life.

For how long can you live a dependent life , one day or the other you will be alone.

Hey there Re-Inventers!!

You are so privileged to be even able to read this , All of these sense organs and the money to be able to afford a device to read this is something millions are deprived of.

What I am going to tell you is not about something like why you should think about the world and do social work.

But what I am telling you today is how you can improve the world only by improving yourself.

We often ask ourselves while sleeping , that what have we done to ourselves -- generally these thoughts coming in the night only , we feel guilty for what we have done.

The next morning we again start to do what we promised ourselves not to and again comes the night , again the guilty feelings and again comes the tention.
Basically , We SIN , We REPENT , We REPEAT.

This is quite an old saying which holds true not only now but will hold true in the future as well.

Because you know why ?

We meet or see thousands of people in our life and very few are worth remembering because not everyone thinks about having a greater purpose other than just living the normal human life ……

By a normal human life , I mean a life full of basics and not something great.

It's harsh but so so true , that if you want to be remembered you have to do something great--

But not all of us have the guts or the mindset to do so still we blame ourselves in the night for repeating things we shouldn't​ do and focusing less on things we should.

That is why we always repeat the sins we repent,

As we still haven't found the greater purpose in life .

And that greater purpose in life should be to leave a mark , to be someone worth remembering.

This greater purpose differs vastly from person to person--

For Someone it might mean to be famous for someone​ else it might be to help the world for a good cause.

Either way , when these people know what their purpose in life is they know which step is stopping them from achieving that ultimate goal ,

These people are not perfect , even they repeat the sins they repent , but the reason why they come over this habit is that --

When they know what their purpose is , they work for it and devote less time to the sins that are stopping them.

Yes , even you need to identify your purpose before it's too late or you’ll spend years in your life just feeling guilty at night and repeating again.

For how long will you be able to feed upon the resources that exist , one day or the other you will face the world alone and when that time comes you need to ensure you are ready.

To be ready, identify what you want to do and start working on it , you will surely get the edge people spend years looking for and then no-one can beat you


And if you are one of those who have already identified their greater purpose , stick to what you have committed and accept what you have done wrong.

And even if you can do this , you can inspire millions by your success and help others by the resources you have achieved.

So work upon developing yourself and everything else will surely fall into place!