If you work for credit you’ll never earn it.

There’s a difference between getting credit and earning it.

Hey there Re-Inventers!!

Today we are going to talk about something that can trouble even a student in school to a mature adult.

Well who doesn’t feel bad when someone else takes the credit for all the work you did.

When we do group projects in school there’s always that one kid who does most of the hardwork but doesn’t get appreciated accordingly , and sometimes even the child with the least contribution ends up getting more appreciation than the hard-working kid.

You put hours into making a sales strategy but because it was your superior who presented it to the boss your superior takes away the credit or bonus.

So this is for all those hard-working lads ,

Remember, that the person who took the credit for all your work will get tied up one day or the other ,
Today he took away your credit, your karma will give it back to you.
But for that you don’t have to stop and not be put down for what they did to you .
Instead you have to work harder to even rise above them--
Because when you stop working for credit and start working for yourselves it is then you will actually start to receive credit and achieve success in a longer term.

But for those people who feel they have not been given the credit due to them follow these simple points —

1.Stop working for credit

The first and foremost thing is to change your mindset. From now onwards whenever you take up a task you’ll work for it not because you want to get appreciation from your boss or teacher , but you want to impress the audience who sees your performance / project or the customer your sales strategy caters to.

Just start once and you’ll see the changes .

2. Learn To Say No

Personally I was always one of those guys who was burdened in a group project.

And it’s quite understandable because i always said yes to the task given to me.

But once I started to learn that even after doing all the work I wasn’t getting any more grades than the others and sometimes i had to suffer because of other people’s performance

I realised that it’s time that I make them realise my worth and start to say No.

Saying No doesn’t mean you are shying away from responsibility , it’s just it ensures that a group actually performs like a group and not a one man army.

It ensures that everyone contributes equally , and the fact that if the task given to the group is a success everyone including you feels satisfied while if it fails it generally doesn’t lead to a blame game because everyone’s equally responsible.

Plus saying no , makes the other people in the group know your worth.

3. If you are too fed up with not getting credit — Try to Leave a Mark

It’s harsh to accept but all of us know that people in the background generally get less appreciation than the one’s who lead.

Example , what is an actor without a writer’s story , NOTHING

But in the end you can name hundreds of actors today but it’s hard to name that amount of writer’s.


It doesn’t mean that the works in the background are not worth it ,

But if you want to leave a mark you have to stand out.

It’s a harsh fact in life but we have to accept it.

By leading I do not mean to dominate over others

Infact by leading I mean you have to be the first one to take initiative.

When you will be the first one to take initiative , people will automatically listen to you.

Like if you’re in a group and you have to make a presentation--

Try to be the first one who gives an idea for the theme or the idea for the heading .

Because when people have no ideas and you are the only one who is speaking they have no option but to listen to you.

This is how you establish yourselves and stand out

And don’t underestimate the value of these small steps as they lay the foundation stone for ultimately you leading the group.

And for those who feel they have snatched someone’s credit , you need to know that one day or the other you might get tied up

Because if today when a project is submitted and you took away all the credit — you’ll be quite happy.

But if someone asks you about how it works you’ll probably be the first one to get in a problem and the one who made the project will stand out.

You need to know that if you keep on working for small appreciations you’ll achieve short-term success

But when you start to work for yourselves it is then you will ultimately be successful in life!
And it is when that you will not get credit but EARN IT !!