🔥Whaddup Re-Inventers!🔥

Most of us get conscious before we go between a large crowd , Especially if we are not satisfied with our physique. All such people infact even me spend a’lot of time thinking if we are looking too fat or not.

In the end , we tend to compromise with our comfort and wear something that might make us look slimmer but is difficult for us to carry.

The drawbacks of this are that , firstly the uneasiness is completely visible in our body posture , secondly as soon as we come back to normal we might even face body aches too and also people who are judgemental shall still judge you whether you looked slim or not.

So the point is , that majority of the people in front of whom you wanted to look good , are still judging you and basically it gave you no benefit

Because all those you wanted to impress either do not bother or they are too judgemental to point out the problems with your attire or the way you look even now

The point is that first of all these people are judgemental about you because you never talked with them , they are judging you simply by the way you look and most of the world knowingly or unknowingly actually does this.

And you are not able to face them , because no matter how much slimmer you feel you look , you always have the one thought going in your mind that

“Will they still like you or not “

Which obviously makes you conscious and even if you talk to them , you don’t seem free rather you restrict your expressions.

Because until now you were only DRESSING yourself but never SELLING yourself.

How will someone even like you , or be impressed by your personality if you yourself are not confident about it.

Coming to the point , how will someone judge your value and character just by having a look at your and your attire.

You need to talk to them , you need to seem intelligent or even entertaining to them , only then shall people be comfortable with you.

Basically wherever you go , don’t DRESS TO IMPRESS , rather — SELL TO IMPRESS,

By this statement I mean that wherever and whenever you are present , try to communicate rather sitting alone.

People are judgemental , they will judge you even when you look good according to you ,

But if you offer them value in the form of entertainment or intelligence or confidence or security , they would love to talk to you and possibly hang out with you as well.


  1. Stop Compromising on Comfort

Whenever you present yourself in front of someone , it’s very necessary to be at ease . If you are uncomfortable or conscious about what you are wearing , people can immediately judge it.

So it’s of no use compromising on comfort just to look good ,

Rather be comfortable and carry yourself better.

Whenever People talk to you , talk sense . You can surely be humorous , it’s a great attracting factor as well.

The reason why this is so important , because before you step into the outer world , it’s really important to believe in yourself before you make others do.

If you yourself are conscious about your character , you’ll have a hard time impressing and selling yourself to others.

Greet people with smiles not ignorance , it will make your importance much more for them. And for that it is necessary to be confident about your personality and character.

2. Don’t Brag , JUST SELL.

Bragging about yourself is possibly the worst thing you could do to make a bad impression.

Because people are so selfish , they cannot see someone else being so rich , so lucky or so succesful in life. Especially if they have to hear about it from someone else’s mouth.

That comes really natural to everyone!

Even if they smile in front of you , they’ll surely talk about your Bragging behind your back.

So it’s better to introduce yourself and let them judge you on their own about your character based on the way you talk , the way you present and the way you perceive.

Because if you just keep on showing good confidence and character , you’ll actually build curiosity in their minds about you.
They would like to know you more , because you didn’t tell them much.

and they might just start to stalk you on social media!

3.Stop Thinking , Start Communicating

The essence of this article completely lies in this one point.

It is meant to motivate you to break the shackles of being judged by others so that you can present a true and confident picture of yourself in front of others.

Stop thinking about what they would think about you and your personality or Stop thinking what they would think if you ask them about something,

Just start to communicate , give them value , create interest by the techniques I mentioned earlier,

And you’ll see how more confident and admirable you shall be in front of the world.

And always remember , never ever try to be pretentious , if you be it

A wise man will always identify you and even others will judge as well.

So be true in front of people , the vibes you create in a group matter ALOT

People should feel positive when they talk to you ,

Dont give them or talk about things that will give them tension ,

Just talk something of value to them , And You’ll see how openly they interact further,



Cheers !!