Well, life is always about that one moment you wish you “could have” lived, it is about that goal you wish you “could have” achieved, it is about that opportunity you wish you “could have ” received.

And too many “could have(s)” have brought you here to someone like me who wished if he “wouldn’t have” had to write all this. But ultimately I had to convince the MONKEY to change my “I’ll write this later” to

“I’ll write this now”. And by now I am sure that you must be thinking that this convince your mind shit only exists in texts and motivational quotes where you feel motivated when you read them and feel that you have convinced your mind to do work but end up lying on bed and again when the deadline closes you wish you “could have” done that work you chose not to do.

Because why not? Master Procrastinators like maybe you and of course I obviously find one excuse or another to convince our mind that the lying on bed and going through social media part is more important than work we have in hand.

Well , you all are absolutely right this convince your mind shit actually exists in texts only but if you notice carefully I never mentioned that ” I convinced my mind ” to write all of this rather ” I convinced the Monkey ” to write all of this.

In fact, using the word convinced is a bit misleading — rather I would say that I “motivated the monkey” to write all of this.

But where is this monkey? Is he hiding beneath your bed pulling you back or is he some sort of mystical monkey with superpowers? If you start finding it, it’s nowhere to be found because that monkey is no one else but you.

Monkeys like you and me have that rational mind which wants to work but we find our so called “fun” or “leisurely pleasures” more important than what we need to do because our monkey is overpowering the rational human we are.

And we monkeys are overpowering our rational sides just because we have nothing to be afraid off. We know it’s a free world we can do whatever we want to until and unless a monster named “DEADLINE” comes to eat us.

Well to be honest this monster only motivated this monkey to write all of this. Which leads me to the fact that we monkeys only do something either when we love doing it or we are afraid of the consequences we might face for not doing it?

So to let this rational mind overpower the monkey set deadlines for small goals but if you find that difficult do your work once and celebrate when you complete or remunerate yourselves for the job you have done.

This will ultimately make the monkey love what he is doing and if he loves what he is doing he’ll do more of it.

Start by doing minor tasks and remunerate yourselves for it this will intrinsically motivate the monkey for that celebration he will do after he completes his task.

In the end if you find all of this to be difficult ask your friends to help you out, ask them to call you at a particular time or if you want to go to the next level of overpowering the MONKEY you could even place a bet with a friend for you to complete the a task, this makes the monkey afraid off that money he would have to pay if he loses.

But these short term goals like making school projects or even exams do not make up a major part of your life, as I said earlier it is all about that life goal you want to achieve — But the problem with this goal is that this goal has no deadline and this gives the MONKEY a big opportunity to postpone the task till he reaches a point where he wishes if he “could have ” achieved that goal.

The point is, in life there is no full proof shortcut to overcome procrastination — it’s just that love what you do and if you love what you do you need no motivation no deadline to achieve your goal.

Celebrate your accomplishments to make you love your job, and motivate yourself enough to do it again.

It is no one but you who has to do it and if you have come to the end of this post I must say that you have done a good job not skipping over and reading the whole article.

This is one of your first minor steps to overcome procrastination because right now you were reading something you were interested in and because the MONKEY was interested he chose to read further.

So love what you do and I am sure you will overpower the MONKEY in you.