“What?! My Childhood?”

“Yes, your childhood”

Most of us obviously change emotionally as we grow up depending upon our surroundings.

As we grow up, we leave our childish demeanor behind and set our foot into the real world, where everything is about practicality.

And thus, the world teaches us to be PRACTICAL. For example, the world teaches us that we are LIMITED.

It tells us that it is perhaps better to go to a university and take a high salary job with paid vacation and never ending list of perks, so that you can achieve SECURITY in your life.

Then it tells you to settle; meaning marry and take on responsibilities

Now, if that’s the life you absolutely love and will make you happy, go for it. But for many people, who want something else, this lifestyle will suffocate all your drams and hopes.

Having said that, I come back to the title of the article.

Do you remember yourself, saying, when you were younger, that you want to become an astronaut or a musician or an athlete or a fashion designer etc.

But what then happens, unfortunately, is you GROW UP. And you try to PLAY IT SAFE. To get that job, which gives you assured income and buy a car or a watch or a new iPhone or whatever the hell you want to buy.

But you never, ever achieve your dreams this way.

In such a situation, GO BACK TO YOUR CHILDHOOD self and what you will learn is:

1. You worked tirelessly for what you wanted/liked:

When I was young, I was attracted to electric circuits like anything else. When I would make a circuit with some wires and make some LED's glow and put switches and fans and any other fancy thing that I found in my circuit, I was excited as hell.

Then I remember one day I tried making a car which required a complex circuit and materials that I hadn’t heard of. Did I give up? NO.

I went to the market found whatever I could, sacrificed my sleep and TV for some days and worked on that project as much as I could and then I was able to make a circuit which was not perfect but was something I was proud of.

Not to forget, I tried to do an experiment where we could control living cockroaches through remote control! But that one failed unfortunately.

My point is, as a child when you like something, you remove everything else and just focus your energy on that task, which is an important skill for success..

2. Not caring about other people’s opinions:

I remember, when I was a child I used to do weird stuff even when we had guests at home, which was enough to embarrass my parents!

I did not think much about what other people has to say and I danced all the time in the house wherever I could find music, but now certainly that has changed.

However when I realized this I have really care less what anybody else thinks and do things which I think are right.

3. Questioning everything:

As a child we have a tendency ti be curious at all points of time and question everything. The questions may be silly like why is the chair called a “chair” or may be something important like how did the earth came into existence.

As we grow up, we often stop asking such questions due ti the fear of being ridiculed.

But often when we question, we get a logical answer or we get no explanation which then make us realize a need to find an explanation.

This is often a journey which leads to huge discoveries!

4. Smiling everyday:

Children may cry due to no reason but they also teach us to be happy without any reason. They teach us to rise above the trivial problems in life(which will always be there) and be happy by not ignoring the problems but by changing our perspective

However, do not adopt qualities such as lying, blaming, name-calling that you maybe doing when you were younger! (Trust me, I’ve done this too!!)

So today, instead of learning from anyone else, let your younger self be your mentor and guide you through the journey to success.

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