Why our world has restricted to 5.5 inch screens:

Is that smartphone so influential that it can change the way we feel?

Hey there Re-Inventors!

There’s quite a possibility that if you are reading this you are probably roaming around with your smartphone in your hands ,

If Yes then great , because you are updated with today’s technology , you are modern and have probably got the medium app as well

Kudos to you —

If No , you are not modern , you don’t know shit about the world , you aren’t updated.

You are so weird —


Like today how often do you see someone not having a smartphone ,

Well I don’t say that EVERYBODY HAS IT but the quantity in which you see these smartphones today , obviously it’s hard to not acknowledge their presence.

Well , well , well

Today , I am not here to rant about smartphones and how they have destroyed our lives and be a moral police to you,

Rather today I’ll choose not to talk about smartphones but talk about you.

We’ll just keep the smartphone debate aside for a moment and just get to it towards the end.

1. I hope you remember those days when you didn’t have much to do after you were down on bed at night , like if you were on bed by 11 pm you would be asleep probably by 11:30–12.

But due to some reasons now when you go down to bed by 11 pm , being awake till 1–1:30 am in the night is like routine.

2. Remember when you smiled because someone told you a joke , and be sad because your friend fought with you in the park

But due to some reasons you smile only when looking at 5 inch screens and be sad when some people virtually don’t accept your REQUESTS.

3. Remember when you mostly waited for your friend outside the park or the bus stand to meet him or her.

But due to some reasons you wait for “BLUE TICKS” or “SEEN” to come on your message for hours even without actually looking at your friend face to face.

4. Remember when you went to the washroom and came out in 10–15 minutes,

But due to some reason you take 30–45 minutes or maybe even more to come out of that washroom (Hahaha)

(Secret : Most of you already know what the reason behind such behavior is , But hey don’t tell it to anybody or else you’ll be a weirdo)

Life has changed quite a’lot in the past few years

Isn't it?

We are smiling by looking at lifeless objects and lifeless pictures but if the same person passes by us in the real world it’s hard to even look at them.


After reading all this ,

If I ask you that the one with the smartphone is behaving weirdly or the one without the smartphone is behaving weirdly —

I guess you’ll have to think about it now.

I am sure right now you are probably , questioning my ideology or even yours because even you do not know what you are doing is right or not.

The world says it’s important to connect , so you connected through your smartphone , and there’s no harm in that.

But the harm lies in you giving control of your emotions to that device , because today how many of you actually can stay happy without having a look at your phone for even a single day.

On reading this you might feel , that you’re not that addicted or it’s easy for you to give up your smartphone for a day.

Try it for 24 hours you’ll get to know what I mean

And by now I am sure you must have started imagining how your day without your phone would be like , and you must be weighing it’s pros and cons and how you’ll spend a day without it.


We are not talking about your mom/dad or your friend without whom you have to spend a day ,

It’s a non-living thing .

Since when did we started to miss non-living things more than humans?

Now what do you have to say about how this device has been controlling your emotions.


No worries mate , you aren’t the only who is thinking about this epidemic has infected many with some still being unaware about it.

Basically the purpose to tell you all of this is not to say to throw your phone into the dustbin ,

But it’s to tell you how dependant you have been on this device and how your emotions are somewhat controlled by it.

Because when you wake up every morning , your day starts with your phone and as soon as you see it you have numerous thoughts about your upcoming meeting or the time you have to reach office.

All of this , puts you down immediately and in the morning when you should be at peace you start with loads of burden on yourself.

Won’t it be better if you wake up , have a glass of water , first roam around in the open air and then have a look at your phone.

Try this once and you’ll realise how better a head-start you will get to that day.

So, Don’t throw your phone away but don’t let it control you as well .