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Aug 30, 2019 · 4 min read

The B Corp movement is made up of thousands of inspiring people using business as a force for good. Through collective individual action, B Corp employees create long-lasting, positive change.

This month, Reinventing Business shared stories about how B Corps put people first. During this period, we asked the B Corp community to send us stories about team members who have gone above and beyond for people and planet. In this special feature, we spotlight some of the B Corp employees who have shown commitment, compassion and leadership to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Nathan Lance, Senior Eco Designer, Leap

Nominated by Matt Hocking and the team at Leap

“I’m nominating Nath because of his leadership in proposing to create a logo toolkit for organisations and individuals wishing to declare a Climate Emergency. This has now evolved into an ever-improving site that has seen over 200 downloads and uses of the logo pack Nath created with our team. There are now community groups, B Corps and other designers all placing the logo on their websites, some even using it for their Climate Emergency declarations. It’s this sort of action that any good founder, manager or workplace wants from their team members.

Lastly and on a completely different note, Nath came into work a few years back stating that Leap is such an integral part of his design and career life that he had our Leap logo icon, our lightning bolt, tattooed on his arm. Now that’s dedication! We love Nath at Leap and his ever curious, challenging, creative, thoughtful nature!”

Finola Hogg, Logistics Manager, innocent

Nominated by Olivia Sinclair, innocent

“Finola works in our logistics team and is incredibly passionate about ensuring we have as little finished goods waste in our network as possible. No mean feat for a company selling chilled drinks with short shelf life in 15 countries across Europe.

On our journey to having no drinkable (drinks which have passed their sell-by date, but are still drinkable) drinks sent to landfill by 2020, we were targeting 70% redistribution in the UK in 2018. However, half way through the year, we realised we were not going to hit this target. Finola needed to find another solution… so she persisted and reached out to fellow B Corp Neighbourly. She struck up a brilliant deal and as of September 2018, all of our redistribution to food banks and charities goes via Neighbourly. So far we’ve smashed our 70% target and are well on our way to hitting the full 100% by 2019. Great job, Finola.”

Dan Foster, Talent Acquisition Manager, Triodos

Nominated by Ed Grattan, Triodos

I’d like to nominate Dan Foster in our HR team. He led our sponsorship of Bristol Pride Festival with great enthusiasm — bringing together a working group within the Bank, coordinating a talk from the organisers and going along with a banner and a big crowd of Triodos coworkers. Lots of positive vibes!”

Will Cleare, Head of HR, The Myers-Briggs Company

Nominated by Helen Denny, The Myers-Briggs Company

“Will has played a pivotal role in ensuring that mental health is seen as a priority focus at The Myers-Briggs Company. He was behind an initiative to partner with a local mental health first aid charity, Restore, who have delivered mental health first aid training to a team of 15 employees. This demonstrates that mental health is not a taboo subject in our organisation and will help employees to get support if they need it.

Going a step further, during Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, emails were sent out to all European employees every day which gave tips and facts around dealing with mental health at work. I think it’s fantastic that a senior leader in our organisation is ensuring that mental health is seen as a priority in the organisation. His passion for this really comes across and I know that the work he is doing will have a lasting positive impact on all the team at The Myers-Briggs Company.”

Thank you to everyone who sent in stories about team members who have gone above and beyond for people and planet!

A first step for businesses interested in measuring their social and environmental impact is by using the free B Impact Assessment tool. Any company wishing to certify as a B Corp has its performance assessed by B Lab across all dimensions of its business. These companies are on a journey of continuous improvement to ensure business leverages its power to be a positive force in the world.

Reinventing Business

Sharing stories of how B Corps are reinventing business

B Lab UK

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B Lab UK

Sharing stories about how B Corps are Reinventing Business

Reinventing Business

Sharing stories of how B Corps are reinventing business

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