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The Endless Learning Journey

Illustration: João Casaca

The Education System

The New Players

The new learning (incomplete) playbook

  • Adopt a growth mindset — you can learn; you can change.
  • Be strategic and deliberate — define what you want and act on it.
  • Learn actively rather than passively — learn by doing.
  • Nurture a symbiotic network — we can all be “winners”.
  • Feed off of diversity — open up and question your beliefs constantly.
  • Explore and experiment — run low-risk experiments continuously.
  • Reflect and Relax — pause to recenter and recover.
  • Learn at different levels — micro (you and your inner-circle), macro (organizations and big communities), and meta (systems).
  • Stay active, eat right, and get enough sleep


It’s your learning journey, own it (or not)



A live experiment aimed at helping people reinvent themselves.

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