Rejuve Re-Ignited: New Leadership Announcement

Haley Lowy
Dec 15, 2021 · 5 min read

A New Frontier

Rejuve, SingularityNET’s longevity spin-off, has been in incubation since 2018 and is now preparing to launch as an independent entity. Today we are excited to announce the first details of Rejuve’s plans as a standalone, market-ready company. First, we would like to invite everyone to check out our beautiful new website; and while you are there, you can check out the newly released Whitepaper which is now available, giving all the juicy details about how Rejuve will arrive at groundbreaking discoveries, as well as tokenomics details (including data NFTs!).

The biggest announcement is Rejuve’s exciting new leadership team! This team has the passion and the expertise to make Rejuve the premier platform for decentralized longevity data and research, and help drive forward the fields of health extension.

Jasmine Smith — CEO

Our new CEO of Rejuve is our very own Jasmine Smith. Known to many of our loyal community by her Telegram handle Zolgo, Jasmine is a long-time, passionate member of the SingularityNET community, who has helped expand and elevate the community as a volunteer admin for several years. In April 2021 she officially joined the SingularityNET team as Community Manager for the ecosystem and Product Manager for Rejuve. In August she became effective CEO, helping to guide the project through its founding stages. With the upgrade of the website and the release of the whitepaper, Jasmine is now stepping into center stage, to lead this spin-off to independence, and then to massive success.

A problem-solver and natural wellness enthusiast, Smith holds a degree in Health Information Management and in Health Informatics. She spent four years as a Senior Medical Coder (ICD-10-CM & PCS) for a level IV trauma hospital. She has long been passionate about the incredible importance of health and wellness, as well as empowering people to unite and act to achieve big outcomes, two passions which unite in this project.

As the new CEO of Rejuve Network, she will be responsible for ensuring the growth of the community of data contributors, whose bio-data will provide essential information for Rejuve’s cutting-edge longevity research. She aims to take Rejuve from early-stage research initiative to commercially available service, eliminating all obstacles in between.

“Since the dawn of humanity, we as a species have been fixated on the idea of elongated or even eternal life–the Fountain of Youth, the Holy Grail, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Elixir of Life,” Jasmine said, “Today we live in an age where these ideas are becoming more attainable — in the era of the completed genome and AI protein folding, radically extended human lifespan is no more just a fairy tale but an approaching reality. Rejuve is ensuring that these breakthrough technologies are not just available for the wealthy, but for all who contributed to the discoveries.”

Follow Jasmine on Twitter @ZollieDollie and connect with her on LinkedIn at

Deborah Duong — CTO

We are also excited to announce our Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Deborah Duong. Deborah has been a lead AI Researcher at SingularityNET for several years, building the SingularityNet Simulation, coevolutionary ensembles of AI agents from which emerge institutions that solve problems. Dr. Duong has over 60 peer-reviewed conference papers and journal articles, and over 30 years experience in Artificial Intelligence and CAS Simulation, ten of which are in the healthcare and biomedical space.

Dr. Duong specializes in Computational Social Science, Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS), and Coevolutionary Computation. In 1991, she designed the first computational simulation modeling intelligent agents, work that was published in Behavioral Science and featured in The Economist.

Dr. Duong’s life’s work is SISTER — a Symbolic Interactionist Simulation of Trade and Emergent Roles. This model of groups of intelligent agents is being used to simulate SingularityNET, and has been applied in many inventions throughout her career, including simulations of Irregular Warfare and Information Operations at the US Office of the Secretary of Defense and the US Army — simulations used in the field to tackle currently relevant topics like corruption and divisive social media tactics. SISTER focuses on institutions, which have natural network effects relevant to blockchain. She also composed disparate multiresolutional causal models, tied together through a probabilistic ontology, into larger collaborative wholes, for major award winning wargames at the US Department of Defense.

Deborah is the architect of the novel tokenomic component of the Rejuve tokenomy — NFTs which guarantee that people who contribute data and intellectual property in a data economy own the products of their labor (from mind and body) forever. She also designed BayesianExpert, a custom Bayesian Net service that makes the manual creation of Bayesian networks based on expert rules and statistics directly from the medical literature easier.

Learn more about Dr. Duong from our spotlight series here. For more of a deep dive into her technical work, you may be interested in her talk on Modeling COVID-19 Using Simulated Agents with Intelligence and Culture.

Dr. Duong said, “I envision the Rejuve ecosystem to be the first true token economy that uses principles of decentralized AI to focus the power of social networks onto the scientific solution to the problem of aging. It will arrive at this solution through a collaboration of the decentralized AI and member stakeholders, incentivized to contribute through a just, autonomous organization, that guarantees their ownership of the fruits of their own labor, made possible by the blockchain architecture proven by the decentralized AI itself.”

Connect with Dr. Duong on LinkedIn here.

Welcoming the future

We can’t express how excited we are to have these impressive leaders take the helm. This leadership will make Rejuve a monumental success as a champion of longevity and healthspan for all, while maintaining the highest standards of data security, privacy, and ownership.

To quote Jasmine once again, “ I see the vision of Rejuve as extending healthy lifespan, which leads to new expansion in human consciousness, so we can take hold of all this life has to offer, and experience deeply satisfying levels of personal growth and wisdom.”

Please help us congratulate and welcome Jasmine Smith and Dr. Deborah Duong to their new roles in Rejuve. To learn more, you will want to visit the website and read Rejuve’s paradigm-shifting whitepaper.

Join the Rejuve revolution

Rejuve is a decentralized AI-powered longevity network that allows members to earn rewards for data contributions into cutting-edge research designed to unravel radical health span. Rejuve is here to use the power of AI, coupled with the global community, to provide super-longevity to all who desire it.

To contribute to this pioneering vision and help build the longevity revolution right now, share this project with everyone you know, join the mailing list and get involved in our official community below:


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