Kindness & Accountability: Amesbury’s New Mayor Wants You to Be Her Neighbor & to Keep Her on Her Toes

Can Amesbury be a well-governed Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood?

Inauguration speech by Amesbury’s Mayor Kassandra Gove
Amesbury Mayor Kassandra Gove gives her inauguration speech
Amesbury Mayor Gove recieing a standing ovation at her inauguration.
Mayor Kassandra Gove gets a standing ovation after taking the oath of office

Amesbury’s 12th Inaugural Ceremony

Mayor Kassandra Gove greets past mayors (L to R) Thatcher Kezer, David Hildt, and Nick Costello.

Back to the Neighborhood

A Year Later — How Did it All Turn Out?



Essays on essential skills for effectiveness at home and at work. Relational skills like Assertiveness, Boundaries. Equanimity & Conflict Resolution. Procedural skills like Organizational Process & Planning, Facilitation, Decision-Making & Leadership skills that include them all

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Christine Green

Relational & Procedural Skills Coach. Web Design. Unbridled perspectives on almost everything.