Launching RelayX Superwallet: Send and receive any money, anywhere, over any platform

Until now, there has been no mobile wallet that works across platforms like email. Today, we are unveiling RelayX — an open wallet (termed a “Superwallet”) that enables payments to flow between currencies and closed mobile payment apps and banks. RelayX combines the convenience of widely accepted payment platforms with the ability to use a single RelayX wallet no matter where you go, or who you spend with. You can read more about RelayX — the world’s first mobile Superwallet — at

RelayX is available today in beta on Android and coming soon to iOS starting with Argentina. At launch, RelayX supports interoperable sends and receives over WeChat Pay and Alipay, with Line Pay, Kakao Pay, and more to follow. RelayX users will be able to spend their local currency denominated Bitcoin (SV) balance over Alipay and WeChat by simply scanning the receive QR Codes. Relay’s network of earners will process payments similar to how miners process transactions.

RelayX launched in Argentina on April 1, 2019. All other countries to follow.

RelayX is a non-custodial wallet, which means users have full control to backup and recover their funds. RelayX is built over experimental internet payment technology, and we thank early users for providing feedback as we march towards delivering the best payment experience ever.

During the beta period, cross-platform transactions will be limited to $100 in amount and all fees will be free. Updates on supported countries and payment platforms will be announced on Twitter @relayxio.

We envision a world where individuals and businesses will conduct commerce with anyone, anywhere in the currency of their choice, no longer with any distinction between a domestic or cross-border user experience.

Relay’s mission is to build infrastructure for the real-time economy. We are excited to be enabling frictionless open mobile payments for the first time. To reach out, please contact us at