AMP Drives Speed, Visits and Ad CTR for WaPo

Here are a couple of nice stats from David Merrell, Senior Product Manager at The Washington Post speaking at Google I/O on May 19 (Quote is at 12:25 in the video.):

AMP has lived up to its name. Our AMP files — we see those articles load in an average of 400 milliseconds, and that is a huge gain over the traditional mobile web.
One of the great benefits of being with AMP right at launch is we can see the metrics on our end about the load times, and we can also see exactly how users are reacting to them.
And not surprisingly, users love it. They love the speed.
Before AMP, 51% of mobile users who visited “The Washington Post” from Google search returned within seven days. Now, with AMP, that number’s up to 63%. And we give a huge amount of credit to the speed of AMP for that data there.

In April, WaPo Head of Ad Product and Technology Jarrod Dicker said AMP improves click-through rates by up to 50 percent, according to Digiday. (Dicker also noted the industry is focused on fixing ad latency, another key factor in viewability and latency.)

We’re seeing promising early data at Relay Media; our publisher partners’ AMP articles are loading in under 400 milliseconds, often faster — compared to six to eight seconds (or more) for standard web articles.

AMP is nascent but showing rich potential; it’s early days for benchmarking and case studies. It’s great to see one of the more advanced AMP publishers sharing early learnings and vision with the industry. Way to go, WaPo!

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