Announcing Relay Collections for Seamless Content Sharing

We’re out to revolutionize content distribution — with AMP!

What if you could extend the reach and yield of your content without spending a dime?
Would you promote content from quality publishers if you could earn revenue — without sending users away from your site?
Do you wish it wasn’t so stupidly difficult to share content with other websites in your own company?

Frictionless content distribution has been a Holy Grail for a long time. Countless attempts at publisher-to-publisher sharing have fizzled due to lopsided incentives, awkward workflows, administrative overhead — and the massive problems of format standardization and feed maintenance. It’s always been too complex to sustain or scale.

We have a new way.

By March of this year, 860,000 domains were publishing 35 million new Accelerated Mobile Pages each week according to Google. Since AMP is already ubiquitous, we decided to build a distribution platform to leverage this high-performing, beautifully standardized format. We’re advancing AMP’s utility outside of Google search, in a model that puts publishers in control.

Our first product is Relay Collections™, a vehicle for distributing AMP content to partners, affiliates — or the open web.

Collections are groups of rich links designed to be embedded on standard web pages. Collection links open in Relay Media’s AMP Viewer for a reliably fast and seamless (almost app-like) user experience. The principle is the same as Google’s AMP Viewer, but it’s fully responsive for desktop screens and includes a “more articles” feed to drive engagement. Your AMPs are presented in the Viewer exactly as you created them, with your ads and analytics intact. You automatically earn revenue and track audience wherever your content is distributed.

We can generate Collections from standard RSS feeds or simply by reading the headlines on a topic page. The Collections update as the source updates. As long as you’re publishing AMPs, you don’t need to do anything else.

A publisher could offer a Collection of in-depth coverage of a big story, viral or trending content, sports teams, special projects — or latest news:

Example only; Relay can generate Collections for any AMP-enabled publisher.

Each Collection has a simple embed snippet; you can expose the code for other publishers to grab— or suppress the embed link in order to share with partners only. If you make your Collections openly available you can blacklist specific domains.

Publishers can install Collections at template level to display site-wide or section-wide — or paste into an individual article as easily as a social embed.

Free reach and revenue are great for you — but what’s the incentive for other websites to embed your Collections? Some will do it because your content is awesome. Since your articles render in the Relay Viewer, embedding publishers can leverage your content to enrich their coverage without sending users away. But there’s more: The Collections and Viewer support ad positions which can provide a revenue incentive for embedding publishers. Basically, we can pay other websites to promote your content.

We’re inviting news publishers to join a limited Collections beta. Visit our Collections overview page on to learn more and contact to participate. It’s hassle-free and costs nothing!