Relay Media Announces AMP Platform for Publishers

San Francisco Startup Offers Publishers an Effortless On-Ramp to Accelerated Mobile Pages

Relay Media, Inc., a digital content platform developed for Accelerated Mobile Pages, has launched a robust AMP conversion engine that supports publishers’ mobile advertising, analytics and business strategies.

Relay Media’s technology works by reading a publisher’s pages or ingesting content feeds, then automatically converting the content to AMP format and inserting the publisher’s ad tags, analytics tags, and other publisher-specific content and revenue elements. Relay Media hosts the AMP pages with the necessary canonical link, and a user-facing link back to the original page.

Designed for publishers with rich and constantly changing content, the platform supports images, galleries, video clips, and social embeds from Twitter, Instagram and many others. When an article is published Relay Media generates the AMP version within seconds, and continually updates the AMP version to match the original article.

Relay Media CEO and co-founder David Gehring has been involved in the AMP Project since its inception as an effort of the Digital News Initiative (DNI), a collaboration between Google and a group of leading European news publishers. Gehring is a veteran of Google’s partnerships team and of The Guardian, and continues to advise the founding European DNI publishers on a range of economic and digital platform initiatives.

“We actually see favorable currents amidst the troubled waters of the digital ecosystem for quality publishers,” Gehring said. “More users encounter content on the open mobile web than on desktop browsers or apps, and total mobile ad spending is now outpacing desktop. Programmatic CPMs are rising for quality publishers and viewable impressions. Unfortunately publishers’ ability to compete for revenue and engagement is impeded by cluttered, slow-loading pages and non-viewable ads. AMP is a well-timed opportunity to course-correct, providing the instant experience users desire and a clean, well-lit environment for monetization.”

Several publishers are live on Relay Media’s platform including local and national news brands, with more set to launch in the coming days and weeks. The platform is open to all types of content publishers including non-news publishers and brand marketers.

Relay Media saves publishers the initial time and investment to launch AMP, and the ongoing effort to stay abreast of AMP’s constantly evolving features and capabilities.

“Our immediate goal is to help as many publishers participate in AMP as possible, in a manner that improves monetization rates and supports the business case for widespread adoption of the format,” Gehring said. “That’s one of the reasons why we’re not just translating mobile pages. We’re working with publishers to optimize ad placements and support paywall authentication on AMP articles, and building features to extend reach and engagement with AMP content. We’re also collaborating with like-minded companies to ensure the entire ecosystem is aligned to provide a better user experience and a more profitable mobile web for publishers.”

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