Relay Media Now Supports Publisher AMP Domains

Upgrading is easy and free!

We’re excited to announce support for publisher AMP domains on the Relay Media platform. This new feature has been high on our list, particularly in light of elevated consumer attention to site URLs as a credibility signal.

Our default URL structure is something like:

The new publisher domain option would look like:

The AMP domain is most noticeable in the header of the Google AMP viewer, as shown below:

(Before/after mock-up to illustrate new publisher URL option.)

(Note, the string which appears in front of the domain in the browser address bar is controlled by Google. Some variant of a or domain will appear within the AMP URL when the page is viewed in Google’s cached environment.)

In addition to the branding benefit, this change should enable more seamless integration of third party services tied to the publisher’s domain.

The upgrade is free, and requires only a minor DNS change for most publishers. If you’re on the Relay Media platform (or would like to be!), contact us to get started!

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