ReleasePage GitHub Badges

A pretty badge that hooks directly up to your ReleasePage version ✨

We’re excited to show off new ReleasePage badges!

The badge is powered by your ReleasePage version allowing you to;

  • Use private repos
  • Group releases from different repos into one combined version (read more)

How to get a ReleasePage badge

If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one on our homepage. After creating your first beautiful Release Page, you can now enable Add-ons (here’s how), and grab your badge HTML script.

Then you simply paste the script into your GitHub README or anywhere else you want to show off your latest version!

Let us know if you use the Version Badge! We’d love to hear about it 😃.

Have an open source or non-profit project? Get in touch! If you display a ReleasePage badge on your README then we’ll apply a hefty discount to your account!

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