$500,000 boosts public art throughout the City of Troy

Relentless Awareness
Relentless Awareness
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An exhibit from the Troy Now Light Festival

The Arts Center of the Capital Region’s plan generates ongoing Arts investments in Troy​

​TROY, N.Y. (Jan. 26, 2023) — The City of Troy will invest $500,000 in the Public Art for All of Troy program, a project that will leverage funds from the federal government’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the state’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI).

The Public Art for All of Troy program was developed by the Arts Center of the Capital Region and selected through The Troy Now Initiative’s community outreach process to determine the best use of ARPA funding. $250,000 has been allocated toward the project.

Recently, funds were used for the Troy Glow exhibit and to design and paint an outstanding mural at School 2 with citizen artists participation. Additional funding is being used for community programs at the Fish Market Community Center. The Arts Center of the Capital Region has formed a committee of experts from Troy and surrounding areas to develop and implement future Public Art for All of Troy projects. Murals, outdoor installations, performances, and equipment could be included in the future Public Art for All of Troy plan.

“Having these funds available to reinforce our investment in public arts is truly remarkable,” said Troy Mayor Patrick Madden. “We appreciate The Arts Center of the Capital Region and all those involved in developing such a creative and comprehensive program for our community to enjoy.”

The name of the project “Public Art for All of Troy” is meaningful because the federal and state government is the source of “public” funding, and the art will enhance “public spaces”. Yet the key to “all” of Troy benefiting is because the ARPA funding will allow for planning beyond downtown Troy. When the state awarded $270,000 in Troy’s DRI plan to revitalize downtown neighborhoods, it came with stringent geographic parameters.

“The timing of these two grants is incredible. It allows us to look at all of Troy and how we can use ARPA funds in North and South Troy to complement the DRI’s geographic focus,” said Elizabeth Reiss, CEO of the Arts Center of the Capital Region. “We can develop a comprehensive program that allows our community and our artists to work together and celebrate what we all love about our City.”

The Troy Now Initiative received just under 100 applications from community members and businesses, a total funding request of more than $61 million. After a thorough review process, the steering committee provided their recommendations to the City Council for approval, where 15 projects were selected to receive ARPA funds to assist with resources needed to respond to the pandemic and its economic efforts.

Projects like this are made possible through the Troy Now Initiative, the City of Troy’s use of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. Troy Now​ ​investments will support significant investments in revitalizing the city’s parks and recreational infrastructure, business, and workforce development efforts, increasing home ownership, expanding youth programming, fostering tourism, and invigorating public art projects.