Bow Tie Cinemas reopens the Caldwell Cinemas

(L-R) Councilmembers Henderson Cole and Jonathan Lace, Bow Tie Cinemas COO Joe Masher, Bow Tie Cinemas owner Ben Moss, Councilmember Christine Schmidt, North Essex Chamber President Michael Daniels at the grand re-opening of the Caldwell Cinemas on Jan. 16, 2019 in Caldwell, N.J. (photo credit: Relentless)

Historic New Jersey theater renovated and upgraded

CALDWELL, N.J. (Jan. 16, 2019) — — Bow Tie Cinemas (“Bow Tie”), North America’s oldest continually operating theater circuit, has re-opened Caldwell Cinemas.

With its commitment to bringing style and grace the moviegoing experience, Bow Tie renovated the Caldwell Cinemas to meet and exceed modern expectations. Now featuring luxury reserved recliner seating, new concessions, carpets, drapes, flooring, and now with a party room, the renovations represent the investment made by Bow Tie Cinemas to give moviegoers in Caldwell and surrounding communities a theater they can be proud of.

“The renovations and upgrades to the Caldwell Cinemas represents our continued commitment to present the best possible movie going experience to Northern New Jersey,” said Ben Moss, owner of Bow Tie Cinemas.

The theater incurred significant damage during the flood that took place in August 2018.

“It is unprecedented that a theater chain would make such an investment in a historic theater that first opened in 1913. We are excited about this project and look forward to engaging our guests more frequently as the amenities provided are very desirable in today’s movie going climate,” said Joseph Masher, chief operating officer of Bow Tie Cinemas.

“The residents of Caldwell are so excited about the re-opening of the Caldwell Cinemas and the improvements that have been made by Bow Tie,” said Caldwell Mayor John Kelley. “The theater is an important anchor for our downtown corridor. It’s quite thrilling to see the theater come back to life.”

All four auditoriums feature digital projection. Specialty items will also be offered at the concession stand including coffee, teas and biscotti, as well as freshly popped popcorn.

Guests can also sign up to join the popular Criterion Club, Bow Tie Cinemas’ Loyalty Program where guests earn points for complimentary concessions and tickets.

This historic downtown Caldwell theater, under Bow Tie Cinemas ownership, looks to entertain moviegoers for years to come.

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About Bow Tie Cinemas: Bow Tie Cinemas (“Bow Tie”) is a four-generation, family-owned company. Founded in 1900 by vaudeville impresario B.S. Moss, the company is the oldest theater circuit in North America. Bow Tie Cinemas operates nearly 400 screens in six states.