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Jul 1 · 7 min read

With this week’s game release (v0.1.25), we’re bringing you some fantastic updates that I think you’re going to love.

We’re talking about the artwork, the main characters, revamped interfaces, and — oh yeah — in-game pack rewards!

Just in case you don’t have the links handy — here’s where you can download the game right now to start playing:

Android via Google Play
iOS via Apple App Store

So as we’re now finishing up the game’s rebranding (both inside and outside of the game), the first thing I want to show you is the new badass logo.

Actually, we feel that it’s more than a logo — it’s a badge, a crest, an insignia. It’s the mark of dark passion, fierce competition, raw strength, and undying stamina… It is Relentless.

We like to call it…

The Emblem

I love how it emits such raw emotion when you stare at it.

You’ll notice from the logo that goo still plays a vital role in the game, and that we’ve kept the three-sided spiral — a little nod to our beginnings.

Psst… we’ll soon have an updated app icon too 😉

Now onto the next item…

The Champions

Aside from the game moving away from a zombie-centric theme, we felt that the Overlords, while super cool-looking, were too alien and unrelatable as the main playable characters of the game.

So we made a shift toward more colorful and human-relatable characters to represent the elemental factions. They represent the six initial playable characters for players to assume the role of in campaign/story mode.

Looking ahead, we believe these new Champions will make the game richer and more meaningful — and they’ll tie in much better with the various types of creatures that we’ll be conjuring up as we move forward.

Note: There are some folks in the community who really like the Overlords, so we’re not going to get rid of them completely. We’ve decided to repurpose them, so they’ll still be part of the game. More on that in a future update.

Let’s meet the six initial Relentless Champions:

Water Faction: Azul

Real name: Emilia Hayes
Age: 24

Life Faction: Bushwack

Real name: Jemma Wambe
Age: 18

Toxic Faction: Hyde

Real name: Unknown
Age: Unknown

Fire Faction: Hotshot

Real name: Yun Chen
Age: 16

Earth Faction: Rook

Real name: Yuri Alexandrov
Age: 30

Air Faction: Lyght

Real name: Kira Yanovna
Age: 26

In coming up with the identity and backstories of the different Champions, the focus was to make them unique and relatable to Relentless players.

They each have their own tragic stories in their exposure to goo. And their destinies lie in participating in the Relentless tournament, where they can utilize their talents and accomplish the goals they have set for themselves.

You will learn more about their backstories and abilities in due time.

Let’s move on, shall we?

It’s time to see some of the anticipated features in the app.

New App Features

In-game Rewards

That’s right, folks! In-game rewards are here!

  • To kick this off, you’ll get one booster pack each time you reach levels 2, 6, 10, 14, and 18 with each Champion. We need to test out the system and make sure everything runs swimmingly, and we’ll introduce a revised continual reward system in a future release.
  • During this testing phase, we’ll continue to give you the weekly reward packs you’ve been getting.
  • We’ll be releasing the full reward system in the future — after we’ve ensured everything is working smoothly.

In-app Purchasing

You can now buy your Relentless booster packs from the Shop right inside the app.

  • Inside the app, you can only use USD to make purchases — no crypto allowed. If you want more purchasing options, then head over to the website, where you can use USD, ETH, BNB, DAI, and more to get your packs.

In-app Pack Opening

Buying packs in game wouldn’t be cool unless you could also open them right inside the app too. Se we’ve also enabled a new pack opener.

  • This version of the pack opener is not yet animated, but it will have a much more satisfying user experience once in a future release.

Redesigned Card Frames

If you haven’t heard already, we’ve redesigned the card frames to be a lot cleaner and more modern. And these new frames have now been added to the game.

  • We increased the height of the cards to make the artwork more visible and allow for a bigger text area. The new height, along with the thinner frame edges and consistent design elements makes these cards feel less clunky and more grown-up, overall.
  • All abilities are now written on the cards, so they no longer show Heavy, Feral, or Walker icons at the bottom. Instead, you’ll now see the Set Icon there, which indicates the Season or Set the card is from.

Revamped Interfaces

We’ve redesigned the My Cards and Deck Editing interfaces.

  • Your mouse finger will thank you, because these screens are now scrollable, and you won’t have to keep clicking back and forth through all the pages to view your cards or build your deck.
  • We’ve built a nice little filtering system thingy that sits at the bottom — good riddance, pop-up window.
  • There’s also a new Goo Graph at the top of the View Deck panel, so you can see the distribution of goo across your deck — another little feature you’ve been asking for.
  • Another obvious change is the right panel of the Deck Editing screen that shows the cards currently in the deck. This opens up the scrollable area for better card viewing, and should make should deck editing a Breezee.
Browse your complete army in the revamped My Cards screen.
Easily build your decks in this new and improved Deck Editing screen.
View your entire deck and its goo distribution.

Gooey Goodness

We’ve re-introduced two cards you may remember from back in the zombie days: Tainted Goo and Corrupted Goo. When first introduced, you could only receive these two cards via certain characters called Goo Carriers — who ended up moving down the Barbados or something — so now the two cards have found their independence, each with stand-alone abilities.

  • Tainted Goo: Get a goo bottle this turn. (Costs 0)
  • Corrupted Goo: Get 6 goo bottles this turn. (Costs 4)

Stability Improvements

Of course, outside of these features, the tech team has fixed several issues to improve overall game stability.

We’ve got big plans for Relentless, and the work is never really done.

There are so many more additions and surprises to divulge to you over the coming months. So we’ll keep pluggin’ away and doing what we do best.

If you ever have any feedback or suggestions — or if you just want to say hi — feel free to jump on the official Discord and let us know. We love hearing from you.

The Discord is definitely the place to be for discussing the mechanics, bouncing ideas around, and finding PvP opponents in the middle of the night.

And if You’d Like to Help Out…

Recently, some people in the community have been asking us what they can do to help get the word out about Relentless.

As the game is still in Beta (the testing phase), we haven’t taken any huge marketing initiatives yet — that will certainly come in due time.

But if you’d like to share the excitement with your family and friends, and get them playing the game right now… below are a few things that would help.

  • Talk about Relentless on Reddit (r/ethtrader, r/Tronix, etc.) in terms of blockchain games. There are often comments about other blockchain games/TCGs, but not that many people talking about Relentless.
  • Retweet, quote retweet, and like tweets from @RelentlessTCG and @loomnetwork accounts.
  • Create fan accounts on Twitter and Telegram. (E.g. There are French and Japanese Twitter fan accounts for the Axie Infinity communities. They often take screenshots, post stats, talk about what they’ve sold, etc.) Please also tag @RelentlessTCG and @loomnetwork when you share.
  • Make videos or livestream your matches, pack openings, how-tos, and reviews using YouTube, Twitch, DLive, or whatever platform tickles your fancy.
  • And last but most definitely not least… make more kick-ass memes 🤪

Relentless is the world’s first desktop and mobile card game that runs fully on its own blockchain. Learn more at Loom.games.

Brought to you by Loom Network — the blockchain platform of choice for serious dapp developers.

Relentless TCG

The first truly scalable blockchain game and the first CCG to run entirely on the blockchain. http://loom.games

🤖 Robert

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Relentless TCG

The first truly scalable blockchain game and the first CCG to run entirely on the blockchain. http://loom.games

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