Today we’re excited to introduce Relevant for iOS. The best way to get a glance of your favourite apps and websites, all in one place.

Relevant is designed to bring you all the best websites, apps and services you use on daily basis, into one screen. So you spend less time jumping from app to app, website to website to see what’s going on and spend more time on doing stuff.

Here’s how it works

Relevant turns the services you use on daily basis into beautiful, bite-size, easy to read, interactive Cards.

From getting the latest news headlines, weather forecast, discovering cool new products on ProductHunt or Kickstarter, to finding places nearby and getting directions, you can do them all without leaving the home-screen.

Simply add the ones that are relevant to you form the library and you are all set. Now anytime you launch Relevant you get all the things you care about all in one place.

Relevant Cards are fully customizable, easy to share and blazingly fast. Just to name a few key features:

  • Customize each cards to your preference from the back of the card
  • Reorder cards in your view based on your daily priorities
  • Hold down on cards to get access to extra functionality (go to source, share, open maps, reorder, refresh, …)
  • Drag down to see the library
  • Share cards via twitter, facebook, email, text message and more

Don’t see a card you want, build it yourself

Relevant cards are built using REL — The Fancy JSON.

REL at its core is a Functional Immutable Programming Language we developed to simplify the process of building cards. It obeys a reactive paradigm making sure that commands are executed exactly when needed, and it follows a simple readable JSON formatting.

REL’s powerful parsing and processing engines make it super easy to aggregate different sources, manipulate APIs, and even include complex logics & calculations into Relevant cards.

We worked hard to simplify the language without sacrificing its power so even non-programmers can easily learn REL and start building cool cards in minutes. We’re also open sourcing Relevant Cards built in house as we go and we encourage everybody else to do so, as well.

Sign up to get access:

Also sample cards are available at:

Our Vision

We are big believers that the future of the internet on mobile lies in Cards. Cards not just as design patterns but more as atomic units for delivering information.

With Relevant Cards we’re introducing a new category that sits right in between Apps and Websites. Something lightweight, contextually aware and relevant.

Not everything needs to be an app or a website.
Some things are just meant to be Cards.

With Relevant 1.0, we’re just scratching the surface of what it’d be like to have a centralized, unified experience across the services we use on daily bases. Hopefully, such technology can impact our daily lives and help us make better decisions by keeping us connected with what matters most and making smart suggestions at the right place, at the right time.

We have built Relevant and its card paradigm to simplify the way we consume, share, discover and interact with the services on the internet. This is the beginning of a long journey and we are just getting started.

We are excited to hear what you guys think about the iOS app and anxious to see what cards you build. Keep us posted!

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