First Relex Life-funded inhalable to begin laboratory development, community pitch contest set for mid-November

Relex Life has obtained the necessary fiat capital to begin laboratory development after successfully funding the project orb through RLXI, a cryptocurrency token.

Laboratory development of the Stop Smoking orb will begin next week. The orb, created by Scott Duncan, was funded by members of the Relex Life community and the Relex Life team, marking the first ever inhalable developed by the cryptocurrency community.

“We’re excited to undertake the first marketable, crowdfunded inhalable orb,” said Peter Alcure, CFO at Aura Inhale. “We’re excited to get to work.”

Alcure explained that the first step in the process is to create an experiment protocol. He said that this particular project will entail a lot of academic research, including reading established medical publications in order to determine the best methods for weaning an individual off of nicotine.

After receiving proper medical guidance, the lab technicians will begin experiments to deliver a precise dosage of nicotine at a set schedule with the purpose of helping people to stop smoking. The goal is to make the process as easy as possible without negative health side effects.

Once the product is created, Duncan will receive a royalty from every sale of the product over half a decade. Funders of the orb will team up to determine distribution channels and strategy, and then each member will split the profits based on his/her initial investment. Orb funders are thus highly motivated to see their product succeed.

And with Aura Inhale’s lab technicians creating the new inhalable, the ball is rolling. It’s time to begin production of the next inhalable after the Stop Smoking orb.

Which one will it be?

Relex Life will be hosting a live Pitch Event on Saturday, Nov. 18 at 10 a.m. ET. Interested parties should register here for a speaking slot.

Individuals will have two to four minutes to pitch their inhalable idea and make the case for it to be funded. Presenters are encouraged to have a presentation prepared, such as a slideshow or PDF document to reference. After the pitch, a panel will ask questions and comment on the various proposals.

The Relex Life team will also be present, each with their personal RLXI ready for good investment opportunities and partnerships for the next fully funded inhalable product.

This is a live community event, so all are invited to watch these live demonstrations.

RLXI is available for purchase here.

You can submit your own idea for an orb here.

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