First Relex Life product nearly fully funded, production to start immediately, and Aura Inhale website begins to accept RLXI cryptocurrency

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Oct 4, 2018 · 3 min read
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With a $15,000 USD investment, Relex Chief Investment Adviser John Bonar kicked off the funding of Relex Life orbs.

The investment, equivalent to 20 million RLXI, was enough to halfway fund the Quit Smoking orb, which would leverage Aura Inhale’s patented technology to create inhalable nicotine.

“I invested because I have so many friends and family who are fighting the nicotine habit,” Bonar said. “This is a no-brainer, must-sell product.”

Aura Inhale’s patented technology until 2037 allows the company, led by nuclear chemist Dr. Stephen Boyd, to create any supplement or medicine into an inhalable without additives such as hydrochloride salts.

What Aura Inhale makes possible is the cleanest, most elegant form of the molecule possible.

Aura Inhale already has received a green light from the UK Ministry of Defense, a connection made possible by Bonar.

Relex Life offers a unique opportunity for individuals to break away from their 9-to-5s with an instant-corporation. The moment a Relex Life orb is funded to completion, it’s sent to Aura Inhale to develop into a product.

The funders of the orb are organized on a separate platform where they will collaborate over the details of their orb, including branding, marketing, and distribution. Individuals will split the proceeds of their corporation according to the percentage they funded, regardless of how the inhalable units are sold.

For instance, let’s imagine a scenario in which you join Bonar for, hypothetically, 10 percent of the funding cost. You would join into an instant-corporation with him when the orb is completely funded.

If Bonar were to sell inhalable units through his extensive distribution network, then you would receive 10 percent of the revenue.

This model incentivizes the biggest investors to be active in their instant-corporations, and it allows even small players to have a role in moving products.

CEO Keith Hilden invited Relex Life holders to join Bonar in funding the Quit Smoking orb earlier today.

“You get profit sharing by your own work with John,” Hilden said, “Learning from his rich experience, providing your own effort, and benefiting from John’s rich global connections into the world of business distribution.”

He added, “John played a big part in getting the UK Ministry of Defense on board, among other accomplishments and deals.”

The funding portal will be updated within the next few hours to permit the funding of the other half of all the orbs. After an additional 12 hours, funding opportunities will be opened to other members of the Relex team who have been told to wait to give the community time to fund first.

Relex Life (RLXI) tokens were airdropped to Relex Development token (RLX) holders for free. The company burned its 50 percent supply of tokens to put it into the hands of individuals.

Relex Life is the only cryptocurrency — indeed the only company — in the world that gives its users the chance to create its own instant-corporations with groundbreaking inhalables of supplements and medicines.

The patented technology also ensures the intellectual property of the new instant-corporations.

While Bonar began the investment process with the Quit Smoking orb, many others have been submitted to the platform. You can also create your own orb for funding. Successfully funded orbs return $1 per inhalable unit to the intellectual property creator. The orb creator is also expected to manage the social media for successfully funded orbs.

The Aura Inhale website also started to accept the RLXI token as a form of payment today, establishing the tokens’ use as a currency.

Aura Inhale will now ship to the U.S., Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Brazil, and New Zealand.

Aura Inhale and Relex Life will begin to offer a special sample pack including six standard inhalable units and one randomized, unreleased mystery pen.

Despite the fully functioning cryptocurrency with a working product, Relex Life is still waiting on cryptocurrency exchange listings.

It is currently tradeable from this link at ForkDelta, Nebula Exchange, and TokenJar.

To join the conversation, visit the Relex community:

The above announcement is the 39th of 30 consecutive days of news brought to you, today, by Relex Life.

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