Relex becomes official partner organization to the United Nations, invited to speak at international forum

Relex will speak at the UN’s Internet Governance Forum in Paris, France from Nov. 12 to 14 as a partner organization with the United Nations.

The IGF is hosted by the Government of France and will be held at the headquarters of UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization). The forum’s theme this year is ‘The Internet of Trust.’

CEO Keith Hilden and advisor Andrea Romaoli Garcia will discuss Relex at the IGF, explaining how blockchain technologies play an important role in developing solutions to humanitarian challenges.

Garcia will represent Relex at the Blockchain for Social and Humanitarian Applications panel, addressing influential voices and policy makers in a round table discussion.

The panel will discuss how “blockchain could help solve the problems of the most vulnerable people in the world” and the “synergies that have developed between governments, non-profit organizations and private companies to solve social and humanitarian problems with Blockchain technology.”

Special attention will be paid to Relex Infrastructure’s work to bridge the gap between governmental agencies and constituents, helping to signal and fund infrastructure where its needed most using Relex Infrastructure’s proprietary GIS.

Garcia, an Ambassador to the United Nations, joined the Relex team after seeing how Relex Development could help bring opportunities to the South American people by democratizing investments across the globe.

Relex will also hold a booth over the course of the IGF. The IGF ‘village’ will have representatives from UNESCO, Tencent, Wikimedia, the University of Pennsylvania, and other influential, worldwide organizations.

Updates and photos will be provided during and after the event.

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