Relex Development granted official approval in Belarus, ushering in global blockchain crowdfunding for real estate development

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Jan 17, 2019 · 2 min read
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CEO Keith Hilden, Eurasian Marketing Officer Artem Dorokhov, and Relex Belarus President Oksana Lozytskaya display the formal governmental approvals for Relex Belarus outside of the Executive Committee regional office in Belarus on Jan. 15, 2019.

Relex Development has been officially granted approval by the Belarusian government, becoming the first cryptocurrency company operating in real estate to legally be registered in the region.

With the formation of its Joint Stock Company, Relex Belarus will function as a fully operational node of the Relex Development platform. The official governmental approval opens a new chapter for our blockchain based crowdfunding real estate development platform.

Relex is now able to crowdfund global real estate projects around the world, and will proceed to expand its pool of both local and global institutional investors and real estate developers. This will be done with the aim to develop both the local economy, as well as adding other countries’ development projects on the Relex platform.

“Relex Development, the world’s first cryptocurrency company dealing in real estate development, has been looking for the optimal environment for its business model, and we found it”, said Artem Dorokhov, Relex Eurasia Marketing Officer.

Belarus, a country in the middle of Russia, Ukraine, and Poland, has aspired to become the central hub for cryptocurrency innovation in the world. Its created one of the most business-friendly models in the developed world for blockchain companies.

Oksana Lozytskaya, now President of Relex Belarus, directly communicates with regional authorities responsible for Decree 8 implementation. She brings with her 20 years of experience in real estate, and has been a pioneer of the digital transformation movement inside and outside of Belarus.

With this legal approval, Relex has already started conducting meetings regarding the development of regions relating to real estate projects all over the country, meeting with top authorities in Minsk and two other Belarusian regions. Relex will proceed to work with institutional investors and real estate developers in order to achieve this aim both within and outside of Belarus.

Relex enters the country at a time when the nation of Belarus is revolutionizing the implementation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions within the national economy. The first Belarusian cryptocurrency exchange, the world’s first regulated tokenized securities exchange, on January 15, 2019. The exchange,, has been financially supported by London-based Belarusian entrepreneur Viktar Prakapenya and Russian businessman Said Gutseriyev.

Belarus is home to numerous successful global companies in , a special economic zone that incubated Viber and World of Tanks, among others.

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